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Mr. Hardesh Sharma
Director- Davesar Consultants
Email ID: hardesh@davesar.com
Phone: +91 98143 15346

Mr. Hardesh Sharma

Nowadays, marketing is about the exchange of heterogeneous resources between dynamic, cooperating partners in network-like structures. Our main focus is to identify opportunities for the business, but also to stay up-to-date on current industry trends. Noticing when there is a new market sector or specific new client's means your company can work to improve or change up your advertising campaign. Setting priorities for your business opportunities is another important aspect of business development. Once you have recognized new areas of potential growth, you will need to decide what to do first. Taking advantage of everything at once is a recipe for disaster, so we do a return on investment analysis for each opportunity. We believe in learning as much as possible about business development which will help us remain vital and strong in this uncertain economy.

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