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1. Airline Bookings

We assist students with flight arrangements at affordable cost by negotiating with the airlines to get the maximum student discount. Our in-house travel agency is at hand to solve all your travel related queries.

All students can get there air-tickets from us to travel to their destination country. We try and seat students on the same flight when they are travelling to the same University. Onward journeys from airports are usually arranged by the University the first time you arrive in a particular country, but the University requires you to sign up for this service in advance and some might charge for this service.

2. Pre-Departure Briefing (in vernacular language)

We provide pre-departure briefing to students going for studies abroad with last minute details one should take care of while going for higher education such as immigration process, information about a student's life in foreign countries, an introduction to services useful to overseas students and also able to network with one another, especially with those going to the same university, city or country. This briefing also provides an opportunity for apprehensive parents to discuss their anxieties with experienced personnel that also include organization’s director Mr. Hardesh Davesar. It endeavors to prepare a student effectively for the environment he/she will be exposed to when attending university overseas. We also provide a comprehensive ‘Pre-Departure Kit’ including important phone numbers; e-mail address; how can they find their job; how can they get TFN; how can they get driving license etc. to every student prior to their travel. This service is provided FREE OF COST.

It is essential for students to know:

  • How are the climate, culture and life style of the destined country?
  • What are the important places and the cities?
  • Can a student work and what type of work is available there?
  • What rights are provided by Government for international students?
  • What are estimated expenses of a student while living in ?
  • What types of accommodation are available?

3. Pick-Up

All students enrolled through us need not worry about the new place when he lands in Australia for the first time. We are always there to make arrangements for the students who need airport pick up WITHOUT ANY EXTRA CHARGE.

4. Accommodation

Company has direct links with property agents in Australia. If the student does not have any friend or relative in Australia, we assist him/her for accommodation either in hostel or in private house.

We will give you valuable advice on the accommodation types to suit your needs and budget and help you with all related formalities. Our counselors will provide you with advice on what types of accommodation are available at your chosen University and apply for it on your behalf. Most universities guarantee accommodation to International students in their first year. However, there is usually an application deadline a few months before the start of the course. In case you are unable to make it to the deadline we help you in getting alternate off-campus accommodation in conjunction with either the University or with a private accommodation Provider.

5. Postliminary Assistance

On the completion of course student is eligible for permanent residency for certain countries. The company director is well versed with all immigration laws and provides free preliminary information about it to the students enrolled through us. This service is provided free of cost as we believe in nourishing relationships.

6. Medical Assistance

Our consolidated relationship with both public and a range of private health service providers allows us to do all the detailed work for you, hassle free.

7. Foreign Exchange

Our Tie ups with reputed Forex dealers ensure that our students get competitive exchange rates and prompt services

8. Debit Cards Assistance

We provide you assistance to pay Ielts exam registration fee online or other application fees through debit card from our office.

*All Services Do Not Apply To All Students.