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Why Australia?

Australian culture represents a combination of all the customs and traditions of the cultures across worldwide who had resided here. These were European and aboriginal culture legacy which had greatly inhibited the Australian culture and at present the current Australian culture represents that fusion only.


European settlers brought together many food and lifestyle traditions, and also the Australia nowadays is a mixture of these influences, in addition to current American influences. Australian holidays often are affected by this fusion. With many Australians living within 50 kilometers of the coast, they have a relaxed social lifestyle. An average weekend can include a swim or surf within the ocean, participation or attendance in a sporting match, a barbecue with friends and getting together with family. Australians often embrace their environment proudly, native or otherwise.

Life Style in Australia

Life Style in Australia: Australians are very friendly and helpful people, with a great sense of humor and a natural ability to tell jokes and play with words. Some times we may appear cold because of our “private nature” which has been imported over the past 2 decades, but it is just takes time to “break the ice”, and everything goes well. It means you can talk about any subject, but for more personal matters, things will take a little bit longer to come out in the open.

Preservation of the environment is ten out of ten for Australia. It is amazing; how much care conscientious Australians dedicate to preserving the environment. It doesn’t only cover nature conservation such as mountains, rivers, forests and oceans, it spans into the cities as well. Australians love Australia and are very proud of having a clean and beautiful land. The majority of the population are very concerned about ecological and preservation matters, involving themselves as much as possible to keep it that way. Not only will normal people report damage to the environment, but the authorities will also give you heavy fines for dumping anything you are not allowed to. Streets and locations are very clean.

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