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Interviews take twenty to thirty minutes, but they may extend to forty minutes or even an hour. As a student, you need to be well prepared for it. A good preparation and systematic visa file containing all the documentation required helps you to reply promptly and confidently at the visa interview. Visa interviews includes:-

College Interviews Preparation

Interviews are conducted by Graduate Business and Engineering schools, in order to determine the strengths of applicants for their respective programs. At the undergraduate level, for Bachelors and other programs, interviews are conducted where universities need further information to determine aid or other benefits to the applicants.

Telephonic Embassy Interviews Preparation

It is seen that often the most deserving students fail to get Visas, as they do not know how to present their evidence before the interviewing officer. We help you by preparing questions that may be asked during the actual interview and suggests appropriate answers and responses, as per the student’s case situation.

Embassy Interviews Preparation

We provide all the required preparation to face the ‘visa interview’. Self-confidence, proper planning, preparation and presentation are the key aspects to succeed. We make sure that you, the applicant, are fully prepared to handle all these aspects successfully and get the coveted Student Visa for USA.

At Davesar, we determine what your strong and weak areas to help you to prepare for any such interview. This service is provided FREE OF COST. We conduct practice sessions and see how the applicant responds to the various questions through:-

Regular Interview preparation

Daily sessions are conducted by our faculty members who have vast experience in interview techniques and are well versed with the nature and scope of questions that universities usually ask their prospective students.

Mock Interview practice

Mock interview sessions time-to-time are conducted by professionals to give you an insight of the final round of interview. It helps you to gain your confidence, brush up your knowledge and other key aspects to succeed in the visa interview.

With these specialized and customized preparatory methods, facing the interview for visa becomes easier for you since you will be fully confident of what to do or not to do and how to tackle difficult questions and situations. You can expect many questions asking you to describe yourself during the interview.

The most likely questions can be:-

  • What do you expect to gain from these studies?
  • Why have you changed your specialty (if you have)?
  • Why have you decided to apply to this university (to this particular program)?
  • Where do you see yourself in the next five (or ten) years?
  • What are the career opportunities (JOB POSITIONS) after the completion of your studies?
  • Name some of the multinational companies related to your stream?
  • How your course contents will help you get job in your field of studies?

Recall the information you gave in your essay and/or in your resume. Usually the interviewer will invite you to be bold in recommending yourself for the program by outlining your positive qualities and aptitudes in a persuasive manner. Hence, these are not the questions but rather finding opportunities to represent you fully that is the greatest challenge.

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