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Australia prepared to for international students and migrants…

The wait is over guys! The day that every international student planning to go to Australia has been waiting for is just 1 day away. Yes guys, you read that right, Australia is fully prepared to open it’s international borders for international students and migrants planning to land in Australia. It’s the first time that the international borders are going to open after they were closed last year in March. The borders were supposed to open on 1st December but due to the discovery of Omicron variant of COVID, the opening was paused for two weeks. It was said by the Australian government that they will observe the situation and if it seems safe, then only the borders will be opened.

Australia’s health minister Greg Hunt recently said that the officials are not that worried about Omicron because it’s seems to be milder than the Delta variant. However, it is more infectious but that isn’t a major cause of concern. He also said that all the vaccinations provide very clear coverage against serious illness, hospitalisation and loss of life. It is clear that individuals who have been fully vaccinated are not prone to Omicron. The vaccinations are turning out to be successful against this variant.

The treasurer of Australia, Josh Frydenberg said that the country cannot be kept fully closed for such a long period of time. The country has seen 3,50,000 jobs come back since the month of September. It has witnessed a business consumer confidence lift. Also, the country has been able to maintain it’s AAA credit rating. It’s very important for the country to start opening up and welcome immigrants and international students so that it’s economy can grow and the country can get back on track.

He also said that the country will continue to listen and follow the health advice but it is equally important to ensure that the economy keeps this momentum going. This is a great news for international students that were restricted from entering Australia and also for those who are planning to immigrate to Australia for their higher studies. Australia has everything one can ask for. From top educational institutions to immense health

care facilities, diversity of culture to quality of life. Everything one can ask for, the country has to offer.. Australia is and will always be one of the preferred destinations for Indian students to study…

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