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The education system in Canada encircles both publicly-funded and private schools which includes every single type of college and university. Canada has a marvellous free public schooling system for all children in Canada up to the completion of their high school. Several Canadian schools rank in the top worldwide charts like University of Toronto ( www.utoronto.ca ) , McGill University (www.mcgill.ca) , University of British Columbia (www.ubc.ca) , McMaster University (www.mcmaster.ca)  , University of Alberta (www.ualberta.ca) , University of Montreal (www.umontreal.ca) , University of Calgary (www.ucalgary.ca)  , University of Ottawa (www.uottawa.ca) , University of Waterloo (www.uwaterloo.ca)  and University of Victoria (www.uwaterloo.ca) .                                                     

 Education schools in Canada are offering both diploma and degree studies. The prime difference is the time period as degree can be completed in four years while diploma can be completed in only two years. However, every program can vary widely from institution to institution and from province to province. The secondary difference which comes into play is tuition fees. Usually, diploma is less expensive as compared to degree and the money difference can go up to 11 Lakhs (INR).                                                                                            

 It totally depends on student’s state of mind and their choice but relative but relative importance of diploma is lesser when compared to a degree because degree programs give more in-depth Knowledge and potentially start you at a higher level. On the other hand, diploma programs provide education within the given field and places in the work force sooner.

 The Canadian education system offers only three degrees :- Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate degrees in all various aspects. In addition to this, MBA in Canada can also advance your business skills and offers a ticket to enter to enter business world. As an international student, everyone is welcome to complete all or part of education in Canada. This well-structured system offers regular diploma programs as well as advanced diploma encompassing every single aspect.

 Top universities and colleges are only good for international students which are publicly funded because of their excellent campus facilities , academic goals and less study fees. (https://bit.ly/3qSZS7m)  

Students studying in Canada can fetch great amount of scholarships and bursaries. We just have to go the respective college’s website where all the information lies. Different kinds of scholarships available for international students are (only for degrees) :-

Merit based scholarships :-

  1. These are based on good academic grades of a student
  2. Students are eligible for this in the first or second year of their study
  3. Very less number of students can fetch this great opportunity as number of students applying for this is huge

Entrance based scholarships :-

  1. There is no need for students to apply for this or no need to fill any kind of form
  2. First come, first serve  
  3. This scholarship can be applied from your home country as well.

Sports scholarships :-

  1. Only available for sports students
  2. Students can benefit from this a lot.

Note:-  Students cannot rely much on these scholarships because of heavy competition in the market.

 Bursaries :-

  1. These are actually the amount of money for your financial needs .
  2. You cannot get an bursary depending on your academic performance.
  3. For example.  If we show that we have no money to spend, there are more expenses than your earning, not able to pay Tuition fees, not able to pay for rent or food…only then we can get bursary.
  4. To get bursary, you have to show your taxation documents of yourself or of your parents
  5. These are very low in comparison to scholarships just like 6000 CAN$
  6. Bursaries are also given by some colleges but depends on competition.

After completing their studies, students can also apply for their work permit program within 90 days after getting their degree or diploma done.


Students who have completed their 12th grade can apply for their study abroad for both programs. To know the full procedure,  you can contact us at +91 9814315346 or WhatsApp us at https://bit.ly/3z1c89J or can visit our branches in Amritsar, Ludhiana and Chandigarh.

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