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International Education: – Becoming a craze for Indian Students

In a country like India, which is progressing continuously, has all types of prestigious universities and colleges but still its habitants are pulled towards international education.

The first major reason is quality of education they provide in abroad. Despite the acceleration rate of improvement of Indian Education system, institutions here, provide only those limited courses which were available from the start like Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Students are bound to take these subjects irrespective of their choice. This leaves them no choice but to take a look at options available internationally and pick up the desired program. Those universities and colleges which provide the wished studies, has not gained a proper grip and study level is pretty low there. But on the other side, countries like Canada and America etc. gives the full exposure and quality of education.

In Bharat Varsha or simply “India”, students after completing their secondary education, participates in nation-wide popular exams like IIT-JEE, NEET and NDA to get admission in the most reputed universities and colleges, (IITs, IIMs, AIMS)  to study those courses which have scope in future but eventually they do not get admitted only because of heavy competition country-wide. Even though they have passed with flying colors, they don’t get admission. As a result, they move towards other options and the first option which comes into their mind is outside their home-country.

Another eye-catching thought is research opportunities. Once, a student has earned his degree from top school, they find that their career prospects are wider now. The best research foundations globally, will be more than happy to have them on their asked salary. Students will get to a chance to work in highly ranked multinational companies like Google and Apple. 

One significant reason is also the mindset of children’s parents. Nowadays, parents would love to see their children studying and settling abroad. They do not foresee their children’s mind health and harsh clutches of western culture. They always say one strict thing that there is no good future for children when their study is completed and they just have to get stuck with low salary jobs and which are not even matching their study profile. They, constantly, fill their children mind with pseudo beliefs that best thing is to go to America, U.K. or Canada. In addition to this, a child very easily falls prey to these attractive ideas in their teenage years and agrees with this outlook. Surprisingly, teachers also pay a huge role in putting these odd ideas in student’s mind. Teachers make statements like: “The good students usually go to foreign universities for further studies” or “You are such a good student, you must sit for the SAT or other similar examinations and go abroad to finish your studies”. Children generally accept what their teachers say and thus take such statements at face value. In general, Indian society gives high regard to a person who has studied or is working abroad. The tags ‘NRI’, ‘foreign returned’, ‘green card holder’ etc, are held in high esteem in our country. Even in the marriage market these tags are valuable!

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