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Is the PTE speaking really easier than IELTS speaking?

We often hear from educates that PTE speaking is easy than IELTS speaking but is this really the truth? Let’s find out… First of all, let us know that both IELTS and PTE are English level proficiency tests conducted to determine the level of the language of the participant.
The only difference between these two tests is that IELTS is divided into two categories i.e. paper based and computer based whereas in PTE you only have one option i.e. a computer based exam.
Many students usually get into a misconception that PTE speaking is easy than IELTS speaking but this not true..
There is no difference in between the difficulty level of both of these tests.

Then why do students think so??
The most possible answer to this is that IELTS speaking is conducted face to face with an examiner. However, in the PTE test, the participant has to speak to a computer. For a lot of people who get nervous easily, they prefer PTE as they find it to be a very less stressful option. Moreover those students who are introvert and cannot speak to a stranger confidently generally go for PTE..
But, there are various points students should know before choosing between these two tests. The very first point is that IELTS is undoubtedly acceptable in every country. Every institution accepts IELTS but as far as PTE is concerned, there are some countries that do not consider PTE so research work should be done before opting for PTE test whether it is accepted by the country and the institution one is planning to visit.
Secondly, if you think that you accent usually isn’t that clear to people around you or your voice isn’t that clear in audio then you should choose IELTS test as the examiner sitting in front of you
will   be   able   understand  you accent better than a computer.

accent better than a computer. Third,if you want your results quickly then you can definitely choose PTE without thinking twice.
The PTE test results are declared usually in 5 working days whereas the IELTS results take 13 days after the date of test.
The fourth and the last point is that even after implementing all the points given above, you are unable to find out the right test for you, then you should attempt mock tests of both IELTS and PTE. Attempt mock tests will simply let you know where you stand in each category and hence you will easily be able to make the right decision for yourself.

So this was it, we hope you liked this information.
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