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Reading tips you must know while preparing for the IELTS exam..

The reading module of IELTS is often considered as one of the most difficult module of all. Attendees think it as a burdensome task and find it very difficult to crack the exam. But what if we tell you that clearing the reading exam is not a complex task at all. Surprised, right? Well, this is the truth. There are certain tips that you must make use of while preparing for your reading exam and you will be easily able to achieve your desired band score.

The very first tip is Time Management. In the reading exam, you are supposed to attempt 3 passages in 1 hour. That means that you have to devote 20 minutes to each passage. This time management will ensure that you attempt all three of the passages and none of them is left untouched. While preparing, you should make sure that you work both effectively and efficiently. Your aim should be to complete your task in the minimum time possible    with    the  maximum output. This will prepare you fully for the reading exam.

The second tip to be kept in mind is Prefer Skimming.

Skimming is the key to obtain high band score in the reading module. While attempting the passages, you should prefer skimming over reading the full passage thoroughly. You need not memorize the text given but find out the relevant information that has been asked in the question. This will make sure that you cover the passage within the minimum time.

The third tip is Avoid being stuck on a single question.

Many students make a mistake of being stuck on a single question and pay a big price for that. While preparing, you need to make sure that you are not spending more than 2 minutes on a single question. Give every question 2 minutes and if even after that you are unable to find the answer then move forward to the next question. Sticking to that question will reduce your time for the upcoming questions and you will most probably mess up.

The fourth tip is Be concentrated.

While preparing, you must make a habit of being fully concentrated towards the task that you are assigned. If you are concentrated enough then you yourself will feel that you are able to find the answers with minimum effort done.

The last tip is Practice as much as possible.

We all know that practice makes a man perfect. Practicing daily

will not only make you ready for your exam but will also boost your confidence. Make it a habit of attempting at least 3 passages daily and you yourself will feel as if your output is getting better day by day. The more you practice, the more you succeed.

Preparing yourself for IELTS is a good option but choosing DAVESAR is a great option. We have a team of specialised trainers that ensure that every individual is able to achieve his desired band score. Our compact class size ensures that there is a healthy conversation between the students and the teacher and no student feels left behind. If you too want to achieve more than 7 bands then without wasting any more time, come to DAVESAR and fulfil your dream..

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