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Reality of taxi driving in Australia..

We often come across a saying that taxi drivers in Australia manage to earn a lot of money. They work very hard and their hardwork pays then off. But have we ever thought that what we are being told is true or not? In this blog, we will be finding it out..

There is no false in saying that taxi driving is the most preferred job by almost every Indian staying in Australia. This job offers you a minimum of 23 Australian dollars per hour. The average salary range of a taxi driver in Australia is between
39,200 dollars and 57,100 dollars.

What academic requirements do you need to work as a taxi driver in Australia? On an average, a High school degree is the highest level of education for a taxi driver that automatically means that you can work as a taxi driver if you
have completed your high school education which I guess everyone does..

Taxi drivers enjoy various benefits in Australia such as Flexible hours of working meaning that you can work for as many hours as you wish to, either full time or part time. Also you have the freedom to earn as much as you want as
your are not bound to a specific period of time.. But, there are certain disadvantages associated with this profession such as

  1. Big responsibility of passengers which means that you have a very big responsibility on your shoulders…
    When a passenger sits in your cab, his safety and security is your responsibility. You have to make sure that the fare
    turns out to be a comfortable one for the passenger. Moreover, sometimes you may encounter some
    passengers which are totally non-cooperative i.e. they will disturb you or try making fun of you if you are an immigrant.
    In some cases you can also experience passenger threat i.e. they may even threaten you which isn’t a situation you
    would like to be in. So you have to be well prepared for these things if you are planning to work as a taxi driver.

2. One may experience various health problems. When you work as a taxi driver, it is clear that you will be working for hours. Taxi driving is a job that doesn’t involve any body motion i.e. you will sitting on your seat and taking passengers from one destination to another. Due to this, there are high chances that you can experience back problems. To avoid any such problem, you can take a break in between and try to relax yourself out and freshen up. As being said that every coin has two sides, similarly, working as a taxi driver in Australia may earn you good amount of money but the problems that are associated with this job should also not be neglected. At the end, the choice is all yours. It’s fully upon you, if you think that you can face these problems then there is no harm in giving this profession a try..

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