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Schengen Visa or the National Visa???

Which one is the best choice for you ? ? ?

Have you ever felt confused while planning to visit Europe to choose between Schengen Visa and the National Visa? If yes, then this blog is for you..

We often hear many aspirants planning to get a Schengen visa before doing a proper research before. Well, that’s not a right move.. There are certain points regarding both of these visas that need to understood before choosing any one of these.

First let’s find out what Schengen actually is. Schengen region basically consists of 26 European countries that are Austria, Hungary, Norway, Belgium, Iceland, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Latvia, Slovakia, Estonia, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Finland, Lithuania, Spain, France, Luxembourg, Sweden, Germany, Malta, Switzerland, Greece and Netherlands.

All of these countries share mutual understanding and let visitors more freely within their territories if they have

a Schengen Visa. Visitors are allowed to stay up to 90 days from the day they land in any of the above countries.

National visa on the other hand is the Visa of that particular country.

For instance, let us take Germany.

Germany is a part of the Schengen region but it also provides it’s own Visa that is the Germany visa. Visitors can choose Schengen visa or the Germany visa to visit Germany. That is their own choice.

But what should be your choice ? ?

The answer is simple..

1 First, if you are planning to visit for travel purposes then undoubtedly you should choose Schengen Visa as it gives you the freedom to visit 26 countries.

2 Second, if you are planning to go for study purposes then don’t make a mistake of choosing a Schengen visa. Choose the national visa of that country as the validity of Schengen visa is only 3 months. If you are planning to study a course that will be completed within a period of 3 months then you can choose the Schengen visa, otherwise it’s a complete NO.

One smart move that you can play is that if your are studying, for example in Germany then you can apply for a Schengen visa from there before the completion of your study. So when your study course get’s completed, you can visit any of the 26 countries for the sake of enjoyment.

So these were the basic differences between the Schengen Visa and the National Visa. All the necessary points are
covered but at the end the choice is all yours…

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