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Germany called the fatherland as in fatherland brings to mind law, government and order and German is a country that is favor of these things that is why referred as the fatherland

German is home to some of the top university in the world, removed for their academic rigor and research excellence across various field. It is relatively affordable little or no tuition fees at public university.

 One can do the research work for different university and program to get admission into it through certified immigration consultants i.e. DAVESAR  CONSULTANT.

  • Brush up on your German language, as most graduate programs are taught in English, learning German can help to better integrate into the culture and gain an edge in the job market.
  • After the completion of graduation number of reasons can think about  why to do master in Germany or how master programs in Germany pioneer for international student.
  • Its degrees are recognized and respected worldwide.
  • The majority of post graduate education in Germany is free.
  • Living cost in Germany is also modest in comparison to others European countries.
  • Public universities do not charge for master programs ( accept if you plan to pursue a master degree that focus on a different subject then a one you studied as a bachelor’s student.
  • For international students doing post graduation in Germany requires IELTS which ranges from 6 to 6.5 bands.
  • According to higher official from DAVESAR CONSULTANT it is quite easy to get German visa for masters and as in the success rated was 95 to 97%.
  • One can stay in Germany after the completion of studies while looking for a job.
  • After doing masters in Germany the average salaries around EUR 55,000 and the top most companies and multinational companies offer permanent employment to fresh MS graduates with IT background. Prior experience will be a plus point to grab a better salary than fresher


  • The German government as well as many universities provides international students with scholarship based on academic merits. According to the statistic data more than 40% of international students in Germany have enrolled in masters program in 2021.
  • Several private university in Germany offers students to encourage academic talent.
  • International students can apply for scholarship via DAAD.
  • Education in German university is known for its interdisciplinary nature and research emphasis international students can find jobs in their desired field after pursuing master program in Germany.


  • In case of finance, students has to shell out around 1,00,000 USD for average college or all other countries. While student would be spending only 20,000 USD in Germany.
  • Regarding job market for a student it is good in USA if student pursue for education loan for 2 to 3 years, in case of UK student. Must go back next day after graduating if not placed before graduating so it increasing the risk. In case of Germany student can find to get job after graduation.
  • In case students want to go abroad after graduation in Germany is better option as work life balance is way better in Germany than US. The medical expenses is quite less as compare to USA.
  • Stated by DAVESAR official some of the top most universities for pursuing higher studies in Germany are as such…

Arden University , Berlin School of Business and Innovation, GISMA , European University (EU Business School), International School of Management (ISM), Technical University of Munich, University of Bonn

So Germany aspirants look for the company which has excellence since 1998 that is DAVESAR CONSULTANTS. Clear your doubts, remain aware, go ahead with your post graduation in Germany and make your future prosperous

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