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The German education system for the international students (A glimpse by DAVESARS)

The German education system for the international students

(A glimpse by DAVESARS)

Germany, officially the Federal Republic of Germany is a country at the intersection of Central and Western Europe. It is well known by its study criteria and international opportunities across the spectrum

in this blog, there will be ample of information about the german education system for the international students which will definitely help you to down your queries regarding the education system OF german!!

Free education in Germany:-

In 2014, 16 states of Germany stamped out tuition fees for undergraduates at all the public German universities. Fortunately, the domestic as well as international students can study there for free of cost.

A small amount of “semester fee” or “administrative fee” has to pay by us which are normally around 300 or 400 Euros for the whole semester. Usually, there aren’t any tuition fees at public universities!

Courses available at public universities :-

  • Medicine and Dentistry
  • Law
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Engineering
  •  Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Natural Sciences
  • Business and Economics
  • Architecture
  • Psychology
  • Earth Science
  • Political and Social Sciences
  • Teaching
  • Philosophy and the Humanities
  • Historical and Cultural Sciences
  • Design
  • Education and Pedagogy

Annual salary of demanded degree courses at Germany

1.Medicine and Dentistry:

Medical occupations are the top paid degrees in Germany with the average annual pay of €79,500

2. Law:

Due to their high efforts and importance in the society lawyers are getting paid well that is €74,000/year

3.Industrial Engineering

It is the third highest paying degree course among all. This works towards making companies and organizations more efficient. Its average annual pay is € 70,200

4. Engineering

Due to the scientific nature it is one of the most difficult course with the average annual pay of €70,000

5.  Mathematics and Computer Science

 Mathematics and Computer Science are well demanded subjects all across the world. Without such subjects it is difficult to survive in this era. Salary could be expected as €68.200/year

6.Natural Sciences

Students get salaries with range around €66,900/year.

7.Business and Economics

people with such degree courses are paid with the salary of €65,400 annually.


Since the Architects design the buildings and structures in the society, the annual average salary for an architect is around €55,800.

9. Psychology

Alongside our physical fitness our mental health plays as much vital role as physical fitness do. Keeping this in mind, the psychiatrists are having very well salary in Germany which is approximately €55,200/year.

10. Earth Science

Curiosity towards our planets attracts the individuals to have such kind of studies for their tertiary education. Those who hold this degree make around €53,713 each year.

11.Political and Social Sciences

Such degree holders are getting paid €53,000.


Teaching is one of the best career by which we got a chance to spread as much knowledge we had. Annually a teacher got the salary of €50,000 in German.

13. Philosophy and the Humanities

These sort of courses are getting paid €47,000/year.

14.Historical and Cultural Sciences

This is the course where we analyze history and cultural things. €46,889 is the annual income of such degree holder

15 .Design

This is the field which stems out plethora of job opportunities with the approachable income of €46,098 annually.

16. Education and Pedagogy 

 It comes under the umbrella of “art, science, or profession of teaching”. Such degree holder holds the salary of €45,500/year.


An individual can opt any of the among-st courses by analyzing their ability to do so!

The rest of the costs I have to pay while studying in Germany:-

ItemAverage cost per month
Rent and utilities300 to 500 €
Food and drink200 to 250 €
Health insurance100 €
Phone and internet30 €
Leisure and hobbies50 to 100 €

Free public colleges available at Germany

1. Ludwig Maximilian University.

2.Technical University of Munich.

3.University of Heidelberg

4.Humboldt University Berlin.

5. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

6.Technical University of Berlin.

7. Freie Universität Berlin

8. RWTH Aachen University


Despite of all these, a scholar can get a chance to win scholarships according to their abilities and by checking the requirements of different colleges. As the requirements varies college to college!


Hope you guys got ample of information about such content!

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