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What is the purpose of medical exam and is it mandatory ?

If you are planning to go to Canada as a student or as a worker then there are high chances that you must have heard about the medical examination that is conducted before filling for Canada Visa. But do you know what the process of medical is? What is it’s purpose? And is it mandatory to be conducted? Let us find the answers to all the questions given above. First of all, let’s find out what is the medical examination all about.

The medical examination is conducted by a medical institution such as a hospital or a medical clinic that has been granted the provision to do so by IRCC. In the medical examination, candidates have to go through number of tests. The moment the candidate enters the medical institution, he will have to get his height and weight checked. After that, the conduction of a X-Ray of the chest is done. Following this, there is a test in which the candidate is suppose to give his

blood and urine sample. After this, there is an eye check up. Lastly, the candidate has an appointment with a certified doctor who physically examines the candidate and asks him various health related questions. This process in total takes about 3-4 hours depending upon the institution you choose to get your medical done. So this was all about the process of medical.

Now let’s find out what is the purpose of medical.

The purpose behind this is that if you are landing in Canada, you will automatically come in contact with the local residents. Suppose, if a person has a life threatening disease then he can easily spread it to the locals. So keeping in mind these situations, the medical exam is conducted so that the safety of the locals can be ensured.

But is it mandatory for everyone who is planning to go to Canada?

Anyone who is planning to stay in Canada for more than 6 months is supposed to give a medical exam. If you are not going to stay for more than 6 months than you are exempted from the medical. However, in some cases, you can be asked to give a medical exam so you will have to. Individuals working in public health sectors can be asked to go through the medical examination. Nowadays, medical has become very necessary due to the outbreak of COVID-19. The Canadian government is very particular about the health of it’s residents and is not taking any risks.

So, if you are planning to go to Canada as an international student then you must have your medical done in order to apply for Canada Visa..

We hope you liked the piece od information we shared with you regarding the medical examination.

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