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Why choose Australia…

Deciding to study abroad is a tough decision to make. One is supposed to leave his family and friends behind and land in a country one is fully unaware of. So it is very important that one makes this decision wisely and chooses a country which offers enormous opportunities that one  can grab and workaccordingly.  Today,  we  will be

talking about a country that has always been in the list of most preferred countries by Indian students and has made it’s name because of it’s excellence in the educational sector. Yes, you are right, we are going to talk about Australia. Australia is often regarded as the country of opportunities by a majority of students and there are various reasons  behind  it.  We  will  be discussing that why Indian students should choose Australia for their higher studies. So let’s get started..

Low IELTS band score requirement..
When a student makes a decision of studying abroad, the very first requirement one has to fulfil is of IELTS. Many countries require a minimum of 6 bands each and overall 6. Sometimes, some attendees find it difficult to crack this score. But Australia requires a score of 5.5 in each module and overall 6 bands. This half band reduction in each module makes a big difference for many students.

Top quality Universities..

Australia is home to top quality universities that compete on global level with educational institutions of other countries. These universities offer top courses in the fields of..

  • Medical
  • Business
  • Hotel management
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Engineering

Cultural Diversity..

Australia is a pot of cultures. The

population of Australia comprises of people from different cultures and background. There is no dominance of one particular group in the society. Moreover, the people celebrate and enjoy each and every festival with utmost joy and enthusiasm. One more benefit of living in a multicultural society is that one get’s to know the language and tradition of the other religion.

Great climate..
Climate of an area plays a vital role on a person’s physical and mental well being. The good thing about Australia is that the climate in Australia is a very moderate and soothing one. The summers in Australia are not very hot. Moreover, the winters aren’t too cold either.

They are warm and relaxing. Any Indian student planning to go to Australia will not feel a drastic change in climate as the climate of Australia is relatable to the climate of India.

Easy access to study visas..
Australia is a country that values international students. It knows the importance of international students  in  their   economy so they ensure that international students get their visas as early as possible. The country offers a streamlined process for the Student Visa(subclass 500). However, there are certain conditions a student has to fulfil in order to land in Australia which include being accepted into an educational institution, having sufficient funds, fulfilling the    IELTS    requirement and getting an appropriate level of health insurance for the duration of their stay.

Incredible work opportunities..
The country has always provided incredible job opportunities to international students. Let it be during studies or after the completion of their studies, students have always felt satisfied with the work they did. Currently, the best thing is

that Australia has recently opened their international borders after almost 2 years. During these two years, the country has witnessed a lot of labour shortages which has created numerous vacancies across different sectors of employment. This will turn out to be very useful for international students as they will be able to find job easily.. So, these were the major benefits of choosing Australia for studying as an international student. We hope you liked the information we shared with you.

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