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Why choose New Zealand.

There are numerous reasons why one can choose New Zealand as his/her dream destination. Some of them are
listed below…

1 . Balanced lifestyle… New Zealand has the work-life balance just right. That’s why it consistently leads international
quality-of-life surveys. Survey after survey proves New Zealand’s enviable work-life balance. HSBC’s 2017 Expat Explorer survey ranked New Zealand Sixth in the world for work-life balance and first for QUALITY OF LIFE. Overall, they voted New Zealand the third most popular place on Earth for people to live and work.

The latest survey by HR consultants again ranked Auckland as the third best city in the world for Quality of Living after Vienna and Zurich. The UN ranks New Zealand 13th out of 187 countries on it’s 2017 Human Development Index… Now moving on to the second reason and that is

2. Safety and security… While feeling safe is a luxury in many places, it’s one that the New Zealanders are accustomed to. It is not being said that serious crime doesn’t occur here, it does but the crime rates are far too lower than in New
Zealand than in many other countries. Compared to what goes on in many other parts of the world, New Zealand is an easy going and happy country largely free of personal violence and strikes between

  1. Family friendliness.. New Zealand offers all sorts of options for choosing a home and lifestyle for your family. It’s education system is recognised around the world. Also it’s healthcare is too strong. It’s affordable and
    getting a doctor’s attention us usually easy.. New Zealand is the world’s second most desirable place for
    families. Also New Zealand is the perfect place to bring up children. It’s stable, peaceful and safer than just about
    anywhere in the whole world. Infact it is the second safest country in the world according to the 2017 Global Peace Index.. 76 percent of parents living in New Zealand felt that their children are more healthy living in New
    Zealand than in any other country…
  2. Clean and beautiful.. New Zealand has loads of natural beauty. New Zealanders share a strong sense of guardianship for their environment. For example they robust controls over land development, fishing, water
    quality and conservation. They have dedicated over 30 percent of their land area to national parks and other protected
    areas. There are extensive campaigns to rid the land of threats to
    native wildlife and to support populations of endangered species such as native birds including the Kiwi.. The fifth point to consider new Zealand is
  3. A warm welcome- New Zealanders open their heart to newcomers. In fact, nine out of ten migrants find the
    welcome they receive meets or exceeds the expectations they had. New Zealanders know what it is like arriving somewhere new. They are great international travellers and nearly a quarter of them were born outside New Zealand. That is why they feel some connection with another country through family, friends or interests. Their warmth, hospitality is also a product of their size. They do not have to protect their private space by staying aloof, they prefer to reach out and make connections….
    Source- new zealand
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