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Why getting PR is difficult in UK..

In the initial years of globalisation, when immigration had just begun, UK was one of the most favoured nations by a majority of Indians. Let it be students or workers, the nation used to attract a majority of them. But, with the passage of time, the preference of Indians started changing.

Countries like Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand started becoming the hot spots and the UK was left behind. But do you know what was the reason behind this? The main reason accounted by a majority of Indians who have been to the UK is that UK doesn’t gives PR easily. But is this really the truth? Let’s find it out.

Getting PR in the UK is not as easy as getting PR in Canada. UK does not grant PR easily. It is not that it’s completely impossible but yes, there are lots of struggles associated with it. There is a sequence of steps associated with the PR and that depends on the status of the candidate. Whether he’s landing in the UK as an international  student or he is lucky enough to get a work permit.

If coming as an international student, in order to be eligible for the PR, one has to get admission in an university. After graduating from the university, one has to secure a Post Study Work Visa generally referred to as PSW. It might seem simple but getting the PSW is a very complex task on it’s own. Only

the best of best are granted the PSW. If luckily, one gets the PSW, one has to work Full-time for 2 years and after that, they have to get a General work visa if they wish to obtain the PR.

The complexities don’t end here, after getting the General Work visa, they have to work for 3 more years in order to be eligible for the UK PR. That is students are supposed to work full-time after their graduation for at least 5 years. Moreover, they are also supposed to

  • Demonstrate stable income.
  • Work full time
  • Present good moral conduct..

If a student is able to fulfil all these requirements then he can get  an  ILR  (Indefinite  leave to remain) Visa.That was all about the students but what about those who are planning to come directly on work permit.

Let us tell you, coming on Work Permit to the UK is kind off next to impossible. The reason behind this is very simple, the local employers or the companies will only recruit those who have a lot of skills and can put their blood and

sweat in  their work. Moreover, if they have some vacancies then they will look for the locals first and even after that if they are unsatisfied then they will look for international workers. If someone has immense skills and years of experience then there is nothing bad in giving it a shot but those who are just at the primary state of their work should think once more before considering of immigrating to the UK on the basis of  work permit.

However, recently a news came out that a trade deal is supposed to happen anytime soon between the UK and India which may result in relaxation of policies of the UK government for the Indians. It is being speculated that this deal can turn out to be very beneficial for Indian students and workers who are planning to go to the UK.

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