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A-Z information about study and live abroad

A-Z information about study and live abroad


In today’s era, it’s been a trend to study and live in foreign countries to gain a better education and make the best career in their life. Several countries are offering a plethora of diploma and degree programs for international students all across the world. By this, students can have a chance to move abroad for their study purposes and proceed with their careers in the field they had studied.

In this blog, I’ll be sharing detailed information about studying and living abroad. The content is given below:

  • What are the reasons to study abroad?
  • What are the Benefits of studying abroad? 
  • How to study abroad? 
  • Is it hard to Study Abroad?
  • What are the requirements of studying abroad?
  • English proficiency scores
  • What are the documents you need to study abroad?

What are the reasons to study abroad?

  • Job opportunities: It is the major reason behind moving abroad as in foreign countries there is a greater number of job opportunities in the field of education. By acquiring the work permit after your studies, you can have a better chance of getting a job in the country you had studied.

  • Employment: employment is such a factor that traces the path of job opportunities. Without job opportunities a person becomes unemployed. Despite having degrees if an individual does not have a job then the degrees got worthless. In the countries like India, it’s becoming more difficult to serve a job to each and every lettered person. Owing to this fact, the people are moving abroad for their tertiary studies and to make a good career to have a bright future.

  • Quality Education:  Students prefer to move to the countries like CANADA, the USA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, GERMAN, UK, and many more. The main reason behind this fact that they serve quality education to the scholars is they have world-class universities and colleges.

  • Living a challengeous life: Who doesn’t love a little challenge? Our life becomes more adventurous when we migrate somewhere else on our shoulders, without having anybody’s help even of our family! This makes a person more independent and brightens the potential in his/her mind. Along with the studies we got a chance to balance our life and scheduling each and every sort of routine work. From managing our financial status to the spending status a person learns loads of morals of life.

  • Exploration: where comes the word of exploring it means exploring the thing out of the box! When individual moves for some purpose there he/she explores various sorts of things which may include the culture, the language, the behavior of people lived at their, etc. By this, an individual got interacted with the culture of such place and make his/her monotonous life a better one.

What are the Benefits of studying abroad? 

  • Level up your language skills: Do you want to speak a foreign language by having extra classes to learn so? Probably not in many cases! Eventually, we just have to do so in case of the English language when we made a plan to study or moving abroad. Of course English is our international language and we are learning it since our childhood. But what about the rest of the language?

For example, if you want to move German you just only have to pass English proficiency test such as IELTS or PTE. But what if you move their and got a chance to explore a new language? DUTCH! Fortunately your communication skills will brush up and you gotta chance to learn more than required languages.  

  •  Independency: Living out of our hometown becomes more challenging and adventurous. We got mature enough to tackle the problems we face in many cases such as paying the rent, do grocery, part-time or full-time jobs during or after our studies. Fortunately, more the tackling with the situations more we got independent on our base, and the more we grew up.
  • Enlarging the social circle: when we move somewhere we meet various strangers from the various corners of the world! Obviously, when an individual tends to move for study purposes to the alien destinies he/she makes various friends in the university or college they are studying. We can live along with them in the accommodation we lived in, do groceries, share rents, emotions, and rooms. Luckily, we may not feel the weird home-sickness by this
  •  Touring new culture: Our cultural vibes may not match the culture we live in when we move abroad. The curiosity to live in a new culture makes our life totally different. You can also have a wide range of information not only about the culture but also about the history. This is the best way to preserve the history of a particular destiny!
  • Life experience: Experiencing our life is one of the ultimate benefits of studying abroad. You’ll learn how to organize your life evenly. How to interact with what kind of people? How to manage our lives from morning to night? And many more…
  • Importance of our family: Living far from the home makes us feel home-sickened. But when we live apart we feel the importance of our family. This could be seen as one of the major benefits that an individual faces a situation in which they don’t have his/her family but the only thing that is the importance of family!

Despite of all these benefits there are ample of benefits with comes out when an individual moves to abroad for study purposes.

Is it is hard to study abroad?

You can explore the internet about Is it is hard to study abroad? In most of the cases, the admin wrote about the merits of studying abroad. But some of them have written about the demerits of studying abroad. Unfortunately, a number of scholars got discouraged to plan out foreign studies.

To formulate my point of view, de-motivating the students to don’t do so doesn’t make a worth. However, studying abroad itself has loads of merits that outweigh a few of the worthless demerits.

Some people think that this could be one of the expensive plans of their life to studying foreign universities or colleges. But no, where comes the thing of quality education, a better career and a bright future we should not compromise with the small things!

Moreover, some people also think that they could not meet the basic necessities of their life due to the overburden. But the thing is that an individual will become fit not physically by doing part-time shifts but also mentally! They might become familiar with the upcoming issues of their life. Tackling with the obstacles, facing the daily life issues on their own shoulders, feeling the importance of each and everything makes a good personalized person in society.

Some people opt for their study programs in a great hurry. As they have a dream to move abroad for their academic studies since childhood. Owing to this fact, they choose any kind of program apart from their abilities and limits. This probably may result pessimistic in the future. So choose your course, explore the internet, get the best consultation regarding your studies, and go for it!

What are the requirements of studying abroad?

~Academic scores: Your marks must be approximately 70% in your 10th and 12th grade, it boosts the chances of approval rate of your visa

~English language proficiency test’s score: You must have a minimum band score of 6 in each module either in IELTS or PTE.

~Valid Passport: You cannot apply for your international study visa in any of the countries without a valid passport.

~SOP: Your Statement of purpose should be powerful and authentic which serves a valid reason for your purpose of studying in Canada. You can either write it by your own or with the help of a professional supporter.

~GIC and Tuition fees: you have to pay these two before lodging your file in the embassy.


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English proficiency scores

In order to have admission to foreign universities and colleges the first thing that comes in the mind is English proficiency scores. To prove your English language skills you must have to give an exam. Some of the famous exams given by scholars are IELTS, PTE, and TOEFL.

  • IELTS: ‘International English language testing system’. This test is mostly preferred by the students and number of colleges and universities of foreign destinies. An individual can have at least 6 each band in each module. For more information about IELTS, you can visit HERE.
  • PTE: ‘Pearson Test of English’. PTE is an English language test designed to assess the readiness of non-native English speakers to participate at the university level. It is an accurate way of testing proficiency for non-native English language students who enter the English-speaking world. For more information about PTE, you can visit HERE.
  • TOEFL: ‘Test of English as a Foreign Language’. It is a standardized test used to measure the English language ability of non-native speakers wishing to enroll in English-speaking universities or colleges. Likewise, IELTS and PTE this sort of exam also have 4 modules such as, listening, writing, reading, and speaking.

NOTE: Both IELTS and TOEFL offer paper-based and computer-based exams, while the PTE only offers a computer-based exam to non-native speakers.

What are the documents you need to study abroad?

Here is a list of documents you may need while lodging your file in the embassy. However, the list of documents varies from country to country but still, important ones that are required are mentioned below:

  • Passport
  • Application form
  • Certificates
  • Academic scores
  • SOP (Statement of purpose)
  • Resume/CV
  • LOR (Letters of recommendation)
  • Passport size photographs
  • Experience Documents (if you have).
  • Visa Fee Receipt.
  • Scholarship letter (if applicable).

How to study abroad? 

  • Make a plan: Studying abroad is not just a piece of cake. You have to make a plan about this! Making a plan includes the program you want to study, the university or college you want to have, and many more.
  • Explore the internet: Exploring the internet is one of the major things that students should adopt in this modern era. With the help of such a tool, a scholar must check each and every piece of information about his/her course, university, or college which may include the things like duration of the program, cost of the program, refund policy of university or college, etc. This is one of the safest methods by which an individual can down all the queries of them and can prevent themselves from the fraudsters. (Or)
  •  Visit for counseling: you can see nowadays there are loads of agents all across your hometown for visa counseling. Try to at least one visit there for your counseling to the only agents which are the best and serve HONESTY | TRANSPARENCY | SINCERITY to the customers.

Davesar Consultants are one of the best agents in Amritsar. You can visit there for the best consultation regarding your filing process. We serve HONESTY | TRANSPARENCY | SINCERITY since 1998.

  • Apply to the institute:  Send your documents to the college or university you want to study. The documents such as your passport, your academic scores, your English proficiency scores, etc.
  • Offer letter: After all the above-mentioned steps you will get an offer letter from the university or college you applied for. The institute will give you a deadline for submitting your tuition fees according to your program.
  • Tuition fees: Following the deadline given by the college or university pay your tuition fees as per rules and regulations.
  • Scholarship: This step is for such students who are eligible for the scholarship. Check out the site of your college or university and visit a page of scholarships for students or international students. If you are eligible for the scholarship then cheers! Go for it.
  • Apply for it: After completing all the steps, the next step which comes out is applying for your VISA. For this to happen an individual must have all the required documents, good academic scores, good English proficiency scores, that is, a good file! Complete the further steps regarding your filing process on your own or with the help of your agent to whom you have applied.
  • Grant your visa: At last but not least, you will get your visa which totally will depend upon your luck and your file!

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