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Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Technology…

When we talk about studying in one of top 50 colleges of Canada, Cambrian College has always been a preferred institution by a majority of Indian students to study. The Cambrian College is a college of Applied Arts and Technology in Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. This college was established about half a century ago in the year 1967 and funded by the province of Ontario. This college has 3 campuses and works in partnership with school boards, training institutes, universities and other institutions. The college ranks at 22nd rank amongst the top 50 research institutions in Canada.

Discussing about the college in detail, the college is the largest college in the Northern Ontario. It has over 4100 full time students enrolled in about 80 full time programs which are uniquely suited to the academic and employment aspirations of First Nations people. An additional 9000 registrations are taken annually for part time personal, professional and human  resources development courses, workshops and seminars. Delivery methods include classroom learning, independent learning, distance education and the internet.

Coming to the Student Associations, Cambrian College is home to 3 particular student government associations ; SAC( Students  Administrative Council), CNSA(Cambrian Native Students Association) and the CAA(Cambrian Athletics Association).All the three associations provide essential services to students, although SAC represents every student on campus and provides specific services related to student  and student life. These    services range from basic     student services such as mailing  and faxing to high level chores like dealing with academic appeals, clubs and associations duties.

Talking about the University transfer agreements and the partnership of college with various institutions, you will be amazed to know that Cambrian College has agreements not only with the universities in Canada but also in Australia and USA. This enhances student mobility between college and university. These agreements recognise credits earned at each institution and facilitate the transfer of these credits between institutions. Moreover, in the year 2005, the college entered into a partnership with Hanson Canada to create Cambrian @Hanson. Hanson is currently delivering Cambrian College programs exclusively to international students. Also, Hanson is a registered Private

Career college in both Ontario and British Columbia.

As far as student job opportunities are concerned, the college usually offers on campus jobs to it’s students where students can usually work as many hours possible as there is not restricted limit. Also, as a student, students can find work easily in the city as there are ample of job opportunities awaiting them. Also, after  the  completion   of their    studies, students  whosecure  highest  grades are offered jobs directly by the leading companies in various sectors.

We are glad to announce that we are an education partner with Cambrian College. If you are interested in taking step towards an adventurous college then don’t hesitate to talk to the
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