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Designated learning institutions

Whenever a student from India plans to immigrate to Canada, the very first step he has to put forward is to choose      amongst hundreds of colleges in a province he is planning to land. Many students who don’t do much                 research regarding the college their visa consultant is advising them often land into trouble sometimes. There can be  various  challenges a student  might  have  to face if the college he is studying in is not a part of the DLI list of Canada.

But what is DLI list? Do we often hear this term?
DLI refers to Designated Learning Institutions. A Designated Learning Institution in general is a school approved by a provincial or territorial government to host international students. To apply for a study permit, a student needs to get an acceptable letter from a DLI. DLI is a term often used by genuine consultants who really care about their clients and want to make sure that their clients don’t face any difficulty in future.

If you didn’t knew then you will be glad to know that  we, DAVESAR CONSULTANTS are education partners with numerous DLI’s and have 23 years of experience in this field. Students     who    have planned to go to Canada for pursuing their higher education can contact is and get free counselling.

Getting back on the topic, it is a basic duty of a visa consultant to offer those institutions to their clients that come in the list of DLI but students also need to be aware that the institution they are being told to apply for is a DLI.. Getting enrolled in a DLI has various benefits. The very first benefit is

that there are almost no chances that there will be a fraud with you. Recently, there was an issue in the province of Quebec where about 10 institutions were shut down due to a fraud they did and students from had to suffer due to it as many were unable to get a refund of the tuition fees they paid.

Secondly,  DLI institutions are registered under the government of Canada and the government has   direct  supervision over these institutions so if anything goes wrong, the government can handle the matter. Moreover, as far as getting the Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) is concerned, there are high chances that you will definitely

get one if you have completed your study from a DLI. For the students who aim to get the permanent residency in Canada, it is very important for them to get the PGWP after their studies and a DLI makes it easy.

But how to identify that the Institution is a DLI or not ?

Identifying a DLI is very simple. All you need to do is to look for a number that begins with  letter  ‘O’  on  the study permit application form. Also, you can just simply search for DLI list in Canada   in   any of the browser and get the Whole list there are hundreds of institutions that are  categorised under  the  DLI  list   but still there are some Institutions that are not a part of this list and you should avoid studying there. There are around tens to hundreds of institutions in every province of Canada. You can choose any of those

depending upon your course preference and fees structure. As a newcomer, before applying to any college or university in Canada, make sure that it’s a Public one, don’t choose a private institution and second, it should be in the DLI list. Many a times, some consultants offer these institutions to students who have low academic scores and low band score as these institutions usually don’t require that high percentage of marks or that high band score. If any student is unable to secure the minimum required band score than we would recommend him/her to give   one   more   try so that he/she can get admission into a DLI and take a step towards their dream…. .

We hope you found this information knowledgeable. Feel free to comment and give your reviews.
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