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Can you get Canada study visa with PTE ?..

Whenever a student considers of studying in Canada as an international student, the very first requirement he needs to fulfil is of English language proficiency. English language proficiency is determined by various exams like IELTS, TOEFL and PTE.

All   these   are   the  tests   that determine the hold of an individual over English language. Many aspirants give the IELTS exam to fulfil this requirement but those who find it difficult to crack the IELTS exam head towards PTE. PTE stands for Pearson Test of English. It is an international computer based English Competency test. It is similar to IELTS in many ways but the only difference is that in the IELTS exam, a candidate gets an option between pen and paper based exam and a computer based exam whereas in PTE, there is only one option i.e. computer based.

Now, applying to study in Canada as international student, a student has two choices, SDS and Non-SDS. SDS refers to Student Direct Stream whereas Non-SDS is a general visa application process for temporary residence for work, study and immigration. In simple words, these two are the categories through which a student can apply to immigrate to Canada.

Both these categories come with some requirements that are to be fulfilled by a candidate. Under SDS, a candidate is supposed to achieve an overall score of 6 and also not less than 6 in each module. Also, he is supposed to pay the GIC and the tuition fees of 2 semesters. There is no need to show any extra funds or any extra demonstration of income under SDS category. Moreover, it is to be kept in mind that PTE is not recognised under the SDS category.

Whereas under Non-SDS, there is no such IELTS requirement. PTE is considered in this category. Also, there is no need to pay the GIC . But, one is supposed to show some funds in this category. Let it be Income tax returns or property evaluation, a specific amount either in cash or ownership is mandatory to be shown under Non-SDS.

Now,  the  question  arises  that which category should a student choose. Well, there is no direct answer to this question. It depends upon the capability of the student. If a student can achieve an overall score of 6 bands then he should definitely apply under the SDS category but if he has given the IELTS exam multiple times but still is unable to meet the requirement then he has no other choice but to apply under Non-SDS.

It is to be known that SDS files have always had a better success rate than the Non-SDS ones. Currently, as per the recent scenario, the refusal rate of Non-SDS files has increased. So, on the basis of our experience in this field, we would not suggest anyone to apply under Non-SDS. Yet, if someone is keen to apply under Non-SDS,  then  he  can  happily apply.

If you too are willing to give the PTE exam then don’t hesitate to enrol in the BEST IELTS and PTE coaching centre near your house.

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