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Be aware of a fake Canadian job offer !!!

Planning of immigrating to a foreign country on the basis of a job offer may seem an easy task but in today’s world, there are various risks associated with it. There are various scams that can be done with you if you lack the vital knowledge.

Immigrating to a foreign country itself is a dream come true for many aspirants. What is more better than directly being chosen by a local employer or a company in a Canada. Where many students study and work at the same time to secure their future in Canada, there are some lucky ones who directly get a job offer by a Canadian employer or company. But, this sometimes can take an uncertain turn.

The job market is one of the best places for scammers to commit scams. More than thousands of scams are done every single day in the areas related to employment or job opportunities. Scammers know that many job- seekers are in vulnerable position and are willing to provide their personal information or even money to secure a job in Canada. They take benefit of this and commit scams.

Online scams in Canada have been on the  rise since the beginning of the pandemic. In the year 2021, there were about 70,000 reported cases of fraud, excluding the month of December. This lead to losses of 231 million dollars.

But how to avoid these scams and know whether the job offer that you have received is a legit one ?

There is a general rule that if you think the job offer is too good to be true, then you’re probably right. Well in the case of scams, knowledge is the best defence. The following are some tips that will ensure that you don’t fall in a trap of scammers.

  • If you didn’t apply for a job offer, it’s probably not real. Fake job offers are usually unsolicited. They usually come from companies that you didn’t apply to.
  • The  sender’s  email  address may be suspicious. Legitimate business owners do use free email services like Gmail but they have their own domain name in their email address.
  • Scammers may ask you for money in order to get the job offer.
  • They may ask for personal information like home address and your SIN. One should never disclose his SIN until and unless it’s legally required.   Legitimate employers only ask for SIN once you are hired.
  • They may offer higher salary and have very simple requirements that make a person feel that anyone can be a good candidate for the job.

Lastly, it’s the research done that saves a person from such scams. Don’t simply click on a link that you receive via email or any other platform. Do a quick background check on the sender and the company they act to represent.

Moreover, a legitimate job offer comes with a full explanation. The date you applied and the date you were considered for the job and your salary and other essential details.

It is very important for you as an individual to make sure that you don’t get a victim of a fraud or a scam as you may loose a big chunk of money. We hope this turned out to be informative for you..
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