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Why study in France…

There was a time when Indian students were crazy for countries like USA, Canada, Australia, UK and New Zealand but with the passage of time, the interest of students started changing. Currently, what can be witnessed is that a majority of students from India are heading towards European nations for their higher
education. One nation that has attracted a huge number of students in the past few years is France. In terms of receiving the highest number of international students, France has always been there in the list. The country has been actively taking measures to welcome Indian students to it’s world-class institutions. In the past few years, the number of Indian students in France has quadrupled and is expected to rise in the upcoming years. But what are the reasons behind this? What is so special in France that has made students go crazy for it in the recent years? Today, we will be discussing some benefits that France offers
to international students that has made a majority of Indian students choose France over other nations.

1 Affordable Education…

The very first benefit of studying in France is that France offers affordable ducation as compared to many other European nations.

2 Quality of Education…
Not only is the education affordable in France, it is also of top quality. Education offered in France is of high quality and is demanded all over the world.

3 Vast majority of Courses available…
There are numerous courses available for Indian students to study in France. From the field of science to the field of commerce, students have hundreds of options to choose from depending upon their previous field of study and their interest.

4 Cultural diversity…
The population of France is a mixture of people from different countries and cultures. There are many Indians settled in France. Indian students planning to immigrate to France for higher studies can get the
advantage of cultural diversity.

5 Plenty of Job opportunities after studying…
After the completion of studies, doors for various great jobs with great salary open for students. Attendees with good academic profile can easily find a great job and start their career life.
The following sectors listed below offer great packages to international students once they get their work permit approved…

•Computer Science and Information Technology.
•Business and Management.
•Hospitality and Tourism Management. Moreover, Post-Study Work Permit is easily available for Indian students so finding a full-time job won’t be an issue either. All this leads us to a conclusion that there are endless opportunities for international students in France. So hurry up ! Give us a call and get yourself a
free counseling session for your profile. Don’t hesitate in contacting the BEST VISA CONSULTANT in Amritsar. You can contact us at +91 9814315346 or can visit our branches in Amritsar, Ludhiana, and Chandigarh.

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