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Is PTE valid for Canada PR?

Planning of immigrating to a foreign country for higher studies is no joke. One has to go through many processes and fulfil various requirements to get the study visa. The very first requirement one faces is to
prove his English proficiency. There are various tests like IELTS, PTE and TOEFL that are conducted to check the hold of a candidate on the language. Many institutions accept all of these tests to offer admission to international students. In Canada, IELTS is widely accepted by all colleges and universities. But, PTE is not accepted by each and every institution. Some colleges do grant letter of acceptance to
individuals who have cleared the PTE test but it’s very uncertain. Luckily, if any student gets his study visa approved with PTE then it’s not mandatory that the same will be with every other student. After the completion of studies, a student who is willing to live in Canada and wants to start his career life there needs to apply for a Work Permit. After his work permit gets approved, he needs to work for an year.
After working for a year, he is fully eligible to apply for Canadian permanent residency. During that time, he again is supposed to prove the English language proficiency. He needs to demonstrate that he can
easily use English as a medium of conversation and English is not an issue for them. At that time, he has no other choice but to give the IELTS test.

PTE is not acceptable for Canada PR. The PTE exam is not valid in Canada and is not considered as an English proficiency test for individuals. Now, this may not be that big of a challenge for many but for those who previously got admission into a Canadian institution on the basis of PTE, it’s a big deal. Well, there is no major difference between IELTS and PTE but yes, there are some minor differences that can make a big impact at the end. For example, PTE is all computer based exam and in IELTS, you have the liberty to choose between a paper based test and a computer based test.
Also, there is a common saying that if a student cannot clear the IELTS exam then he should try his hands on PTE as PTE is considered a bit easier than IELTS. Moreover, the speaking test conducted in PTE is on a virtual platform whereas the IELTS speaking test is conducted by an examiner in which there is a
physical interaction. So those who are bit shy by nature and cannot express their views infront of a stranger often go with PTE. There are some challenges associated with IELTS but it’s the only way to be considered for Canadian permanent residency. For those who are planning to go to a Canadian college but haven’t given any of these tests yet, we would suggest you to go with IELTS as it will be more
beneficial for you. Not only will you file your application under the SDS category, it will also
prepare you for your second test that you will need to give in Canada… If you are looking for a great
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