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Is PTE accepted by German universities ?

Every single year, thousands of students from India immigrate to Germany for their higher studies. With an aim of being successful in life and being financially independent, these students are ready to work part time as well as study at the same time.

The number of students preferring European nations has raised since the last few years. It wasn’t the same back in the days when immigration had just begun. Countries like Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand and UK were the most preferred nations and were considered the hot spots that attracted a majority of Indian students. But with time, as European nations developed  and  their education system came to a level of competing with the education system of other nations, the interest of Indian students changed.

Germany has come up as a nation that not only provides excellent quality education but also ensures endless work opportunities to international students in both part time as well as full time sectors. To be considered for a university in Germany, a student needs to provide a proof that he is good in English. That he has hold of the language and can use it as a medium of communication whenever needed. Tests like IELTS and PTE are conducted for this purpose. These tests not only act as a proof but also let an individual know his level of English. That how good he is in the language.

Talking about getting an admission in a German university or college on the basis of PTE, there are 2 outcomes. PTE is accepted as well as not accepted in Germany. Confused, right? Well, let us make it simple for you. Not every educational institution in Germany considers PTE as a proof of England language proficiency.

However, many institutions do consider PTE and grant admissions to students who have given the PTE test and achieved the required score. This depends from institution to institution.

About 40 universities in Germany accept PTE which include some top quality institutions like Hertie School of Governance and Berlin and Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.However, IELTS is accepted by each and every educational institution in Germany.

Those students who are planning to go to Germany for their higher studies and have not given any of the English level proficiency tests yet, we would suggest them to go through the admission requirements of the university they are planning to study in. Every university has different requirements so it’s better to go through them in advance so that you can choose the right test for yourself..

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