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Types of Employment available to International Students in Australia…

Finding job in a foreign country that too as an international student can sometimes turn out to be an arduous task. In most countries,  international students are allowed to work while they study for specific hours of week so that they can manage their monthly expenses. In some countries, jobs available to international students are categorised on the basis of different types. Talking about Australia, there are plenty of jobs available for international students. The following is the list of various types of jobs in which international students can enrol themselves.


Part time jobs are usually those jobs in which a student is able to work less than 38 hours a week. In a part time job, one can either be on a permanent position or on a fixed-term contract. One is entitled to all of the minimum conditions laid out in the National Employment Standards. Also, the person is paid either more than or equal to the minimum wage listed by the government.


As a casual employee, one is not committed to be given specific hours of work. Also, casual workers are also not entitled to any paid leaves. There is no job security. However, casual workers are paid more than other types of workers keeping in mind the job status and no security of their job.

Shift work…

Shift work is that type of work that has no fixed hours to work. It’s often to see shift workers work outside of what are considered ordinary business hours. Their shifts often fall atinconvenient times. However, unlike casual workers, shift workers do have job security as they are usually permanent employees. They are also entitled to an extra week of annual leave.

The three types of jobs stated above were the most basic ones in which an international student can easily find a job. But the next type of employment is the best of all. If an international student is lucky enough to get a job in that type then there’s nothing more he can ask for. We are going to talk about Full time work.

Full time work has many advantages over the other types we have discussed so far. Full time employees have a permanent position. Not only they are  on a fixed-term contract, they also get to work more than 38 hours a week depending upon their agreement and the work they perform. Moreover, they are also laid to the conditions mentioned in the National Employment Standards.

Working full time as a student can be very helpful for you. Sometimes, getting a field related job after the completion of studies can take time. At this time, your full time job will turn out to be very beneficial for you. If you have a good understanding with your employer then you can make it a permanent job and work on the basis of your work permit to ultimately get the permanent residency.

Currently, there are lakhs of jobs available for international students in Australia. The prime minister himself has invited international students to study and work in Australia. What more can be said to demonstrate the value of international students in Australia’s economy?If you too dream of studying in one of the top quality educational institutions of Australia then don’t hesitate to contact DAVESAR CONSULTANTS.   We   are   the BEST VISA CONSULTANT near your house.

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