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Degree or Diploma in Canada: What is the best choice for you?

What is the best choice for you?

Many aspirants these days dream of pursuing their higher studies in a foreign country. Canada is one the favourite destination for Indian students. The way of teaching and educational opportunity there is what attracts many learners to pursue their further studies over there.

Moreover, there is an added benefit of finding work there and building your career in the best way possible. As students plan their higher studies, they come across a very common yet confusing question that is whether they should choose a degree or a diploma? Many students and their parents think that a degree may
be a better choice but it’s not always true.. The choice between these two needs to be made keeping in mind various factors such as your purpose of immigrating to Canada or why you are choosing to study that particular program
and what benefits can you avail in the future. But before discussing the various factors, first lets find out
the difference between a degree and a diploma.

Degree:- A degree course in Canada comes with a tenure of 3-4 years depending upon the province you choose and the type of program you are willing to study. Degree courses are divided into 3 categories namely Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral. If one is willing to complete a Bachelor’s degree than the completion of a secondary school program is necessary. To enrol into a Master’s degree, you must have completed a Bachelor’s degree A Master’s degree takes around 2 years for completion. As far as Doctoral degrees are concerned, students are allowed to complete their honours baccalaureate program and enrol in a Doctoral program.

Diploma:- A Diploma in Canada mostly a Post graduate Diploma is a 1-2 year program. Diplomas also
offer opportunities to the candidates to combine two oneyear courses and choose a specialization in their field of
interest. If one wishes to pursue a PG Diploma program in Canada, one must obtain certain grades which vary from
college to college. Now let’s discuss what you should choose based upon your purpose….

Your main purpose:- If your main purpose for immigrating to Canada is to obtain a Permanent Residency
then opting for a Diploma is the best choice for you. But if you are planning to come Canada with an aim of studying and getting a white collar job then Degree is the choice for you as Degrees undoubtedly hold more value than a Diploma in terms of educational qualification.

Availability of tuition fees:-

You need to make sure that Diplomas in any province or college will definitely cost you less than a Degree. Moreover, if you wish to opt for a diploma, you will be paying the tuition fees for two years which is manageable but If you are planning for a Degree then you need to be aware that Degrees cost way more much than a Diploma and you will
need to pay the tuition fees for approximately 3-5 years depending upon the degree you choose which these days is not easy.

Post-study work permit:-

After doing a diploma, a student can apply for work permit but the drawback of this is that he
does not get enough time to find the right job for him. Moreover, the types of jobs he will be offered won’t be white
collar jobs because as per the qualification level, diplomas are considered inferior as compared to degrees.
Whereas after doing a degree, the chances are high that you will be getting a white collar job.

Also, you will get more time to find the right job for yourself and establish yourself professionally. These were the basic factors that need to be kept in mind while making a choice between a degree and a diploma.

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