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How to achieve high score in PTE..

How to achieve high score in PTE.. Before jumping right into the topics, first let’s find out what
PTE exactly is.. PTE stands for Pearson Test of English. It is an international English Competency test. It is similar to IELTS exam in many ways but the main difference between the two is that PTE is entirely a computer based exam. You don’t get a choice of pen and paper based exam whereas in IELTS exam, you do get a choice to choose
between the two.

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Now moving back to the topic, given below are some tips that should be kept in mind in order to achieve a high score in PTE..
1 Be careful with Typos. As mentioned earlier, PTE is entirely a computer exam. So it
is very important that one uses correct spellings while attempting any of the modules. Any mistake in spelling will be considered as a spelling error by the computer. So one needs to make sure that correct spellings are being

2 Don’t waste more than 2 minutes on a single question. While attempting the reading module, time management is very crucial. One needs to make sure that he/she is not spending more than 2 minutes on a single question. If more than 2 minutes are being spent on a single question then there are high chances that some questions will be left unanswered as the attendee will not get time to attempt the remaining questions.

3 Read the questions before you read the passage. This tip is also related to reading module. One must go through
the questions before attempting the passage as this will help you to know what information you need to look
for. You need not waste your time going through the whole passage. You will find the relevant line if you have gone
through the questions earlier. This will eventually save your time.

4 Plan your essay Before writing. As far as the writing module is concerned, you should spend around 2-4 minutes to generate ideas before diving into writing. This will give you a clear view about what you are supposed to write and the chances are high that you will not go off-topic while writing the essay.

5 While speaking, open your mouth properly. In the speaking module, aspirants need to make sure that what they speak is clear and is in English. The exam is always conducted on a computer, so, whispering or speaking at a very low pitch will lead to deduction of scores.

6 Make fluency your first priority while speaking. While attempting the Speaking module, make sure to speak fluently. Avoid taking long pauses while responding to the question. Also make sure that you are not re-correcting yourself because what you had said may not have been noticed that precisely by the examiner
but now when you make a correction, it will be taken into consideration.

7 Familiarize yourself with the native English accent. When it comes to Listening module, many students are unable to understand what is being said. If you want to avoid that situation then it is important for you to familiarize
with the native English accent as you can only answer a question when you understand what is
mentioned in the audio. We hope you liked the information we shared !!!

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