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High job demand in Canada…

Whenever there is a talk regarding countries that value various jobs, Canada has always been a part of that discussion. Canada has always been one of the preferred destinations for employment and job opportunities. It’s not only the skilled labourers but also the individuals who do  white collar jobs in India prefer to immigrate to Canada in search of advancement in their career. The country has always respected every type of job irrespective of the level of job. Skilled workers and labourers are also given the same amount of respect and dignity that folks doing office jobs get. Every job is equal in the eyes of Canadian society and this is what attracts

lakhs pf people from different countries around the globe towards Canada. Canada has always had enormous job opportunities in various sectors. The country had always aimed to develop it’s each and every sector in order to be self sufficient. That’s why the country launches various programs and welcomes immigrants every year. It was till 2019 that everything was  going

well but the moment COVID hit the world, the economy of every country fell to a very low level. Canada also witnessed a decline in it’s economy. Industries were shut down, companies announced work from home and many people lost their jobs, unemployment was on it’s peak. But, with time, as life can back on track, the country starred to issue jobs in order to regrow it’s

economy. The country launched various programs to fulfil the job vacancies. The current situation shows that Canada added about 1,60,000 jobs in the month of November and the unemployment level fell to 6%. The month of November witnessed hiring in both full- time and part-time positions by the private sector.

This may be a good indicator that the country is moving forward towards a full recovery in it’s economy.

But, the sectors such as hospitality, retail and health care are still experiencing job shortages. The government is trying it’s best to convince the locals to get back to work but low wage rate that is being offered in some sectors is something that is annoying people. That is why, the country is announcing various

immigration programs in order to attract immigrants and develop it’s economy. This is a golden opportunity for those who have certain skills and can work as a skilled worker. Besides this, they will surely get a job and can take a step towards a bright life ahead… We hope you liked the piece of information we shared with you.

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