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Canada announces new travel and border measures..

Canada has always been one of the popular destinations for people around the world to visit. Let it be students or tourists, the country attracts thousands of people every year. The healthy environment, quality lifestyle, scenic beauty, numerous health facilities, well developed educational institutions capable of competing at global level and what not, Canada has everything that a person needs.

But from the last 2 years, the country has restricted the entry of immigrants keeping in mind the safety of it’s residents. The country has altered various rules since 2020 and usually announces updates for international travellers.

Recently, Canada has announced an update for international travellers those who wish to come to Canada. The country has put up a requirement that all the travellers travelling to Canada must be fully vaccinated. Any traveller who is not fully vaccinated will not be permitted to enter the country. Thosebelow the age of 12 will not be questioned as there is no vaccine yet for children under the age of 12 years. Also those who have some medical issues and cannot be vaccinated are also exemplified from this rule.

This rule will be applicable to both local as well as international travellers.

Moreover, any traveller going abroad for more than 72 hours will be required to undergo the mandatory molecular test for COVID-19 before returning back to the country. However, fully vaccinated travellers who will be leaving Canada and returning within 72 hours of departure will not be required to provide a molecular test result for COVID to return.

This exemption only applies to Canadian citizens, permanent residents and people registered under the Indian Act who are fully vaccinated. All these measures that are being taken by the Canadian government clearly indicate that the country is very serious regarding the health of it’s residents and will not take anything lightly. Any person

who will be travelling to Cana in December needs to fulfil the requirements stated above in order to enter the country… We hope that the content we shared turned out to be informative for you.

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