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Life in Canada as an international student…

Many Indian students dream of studying in Canada and settling down there. They aim of living a good life even if it costs them a few years to work very hard. Studying in Canada as an international student can be both adventurous as well as depressing for some students.

Being away from your home and doing all of your chores yourself is no joke. The expectations often contradict the reality. Today, we will be discussing what studying in Canada is like as an international student. This will surely turn out to be very informative for those who are planning to move to Canada for their higher studies.

Their is no lie in saying that Canada has top quality education system. From institutions that are capable enough to compete at the global level to advanced modes of study, Canada has really developed it’s educational sector. That is why it has been one of the most preferred nations by Indian students for their higher studies.

The institutions in Canada offer vast majority of courses in which students can enrol themselves and study accordingly. The duration of these courses range from 1 year to 4 years. Diplomas are usually 1 to 2 years long whereas the bachelor degrees are of longer duration.

The country also recognises the truth that students incur some basic expenses that is why, international students are allowed to work 20 hours per week so that they can manage their expenses. Moreover, when they have break from their studies, they can work full time and save money for their upcoming expenses.

Also, whenever a student plans to come to Canada, he is supposed to deposit 10,000 Canadian Dollars in a Canadian bank which he is returned back monthly for a period of one year. This deposit is known as GIC. GIC acts as a proof and also as a security that if unfortunately due to some reason, the student looses his job then he can use his GIC money to pay off his expenses and won’t become a liability on the government.

Some students who are lucky enough to find a part time job easily often end up saving all of their GIC money and utilise it to pay their tuition fees. It is not all about study, those students who wish to settle down in Canada can easily apply for Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP). Canadian job sector values talent. All the worthy students can easily find a full time job if they have the special skills that makes them unique.

After working for at least 1 year on work permit, a person is fully eligible to apply for the Canadian permanent residency. The dream of studying as an international student to a permanent resident is fulfilled. The Canadian government plays a vital role in it as it invites lakhs of people for Canadian permanent residency every year, students making up half of this number.

It can be truly said that Canada is one the best countries to study as an international student. The initial years may seem a bit tough but the life you will live after will be worth living…

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