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What embassy expect What embassy expects in SOP of a student visa application…

SOP, one of the most searched terms by students who wish to study abroad in countries like Canada and Australia. It is said by many professionals that SOP is the primary thing that can define whether your study visa application will be approved or refused, funds and other financial documents being secondary things. Today, we will be discussing with you what SOP is and what does a visa officer expects in SOP.

Statement of Purpose often called as SOP is a clearly written and signed statement a student makes to convince the embassy to grant him the study visa of that country. He mentions various points in his SOP to convince the visa officer to grant him the study visa of that country. Now, we will be discussing what does the embassy expects in the SOP of a student. To commence with, the SOP should begin with a brief introduction of the candidate. This introduction may include some basic information like date of birth, house address and most importantly, the passport number of the candidate.

Secondly, the candidate should depict his level in academics by providing his academic scores. Moreover, the candidate should also provide the scores of the exam he attempted to prove his English language proficiency.

Next, he should state the name of the Institution and the course he is intending to study with the reasons behind choosing that very institution and course. This is a very important point. The visa officer expects best possible answers regarding this question. The reasons must be appealing as well as genuine. The candidate should use best possible reasons to convince the visa officer through this point.

Moving forward, the next thing that the embassy expects is the reason behind choosing that particular country over other countries. Now, there can be varied answers for this based upon the thinking of every student. Every student has his own reason behind choosing a particular country. For some, it might betheir dream country and for others, it might be that some of their knowns live in that country and it would be beneficial for them. So the answer to this question varies from person to person.The last thing and the most important thing that the embassy wants to know through a student’s SOP is his future  plans.  By  future  plans,

they want to know whether the student will leave the country after the completion of his studies or he has some other plans. This question needs to be answered very logically and practically. The reason behind a majority of refusals is that the student will not leave the country after the completion of his studies. So you need to make sure that you convince the visa

officer that you are keen to leave the country after your study is completed and your sole purpose to visit that country is only to study…

So these were some important points that the embassy expects the student to state in his SOP. The more logically these points are stated, the more are the chances of the study visa approval. We hope you  found this informative..

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