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Around 9 lakh job vacancies in Canada..

Canada is often regarded as a land of opportunities by many aspirants and why should it not be? The country has hustling job sector that has endless opportunities for folks with required skills. Also, Canada is one of those countries that values international talent. And the fact that half of the country’s population is from different parts of world is enough to justify that. Moreover, the country every year welcomes immigrants from different nations to settle down and start a new life in Canada.

Now as we all know that the COVID pandemic had a huge impact on every country across the globe, Canada being no exception, the country’s economy fell and the job sector struggled to keep up with the virus. A huge bunch of people lost their jobs and industries were shut down. As of today, we can witness the end of the pandemic and the world seems to normalise the way it was back in 2019. This reopening after the pandemic has resulted in lakhs of job vacancies in almost every nation.

Canada also has created over 8 lakh job vacancies for individuals who are capable enough to handle these jobs. Moreover, about half of these jobs will be filled by immigrants as the country is prepared to land 4,11,000 immigrants this year and grant them the permanent residency of Canada. As per a recent study, there has been an increase of 72 percent in the job vacancies as compared to 2019. In almost every sector of employment, there has been an increase in jobs. And the reason behind this being very simple that the country wants to rise it’s economy and come out of losses as soon as possible. Coming on to the topic that how are these vacancies beneficial for international students ?

We all know that international students contribute a lot towards Canada’s economy. They work part time when they are on their study permit and when they complete their studies and get a work permit, they work full time. A good thing to be noticed is that in the number of job vacancies given above, a lot of them are for part time purpose as well. Also, those students who are recently studying in Canada can easily find a full time job when they are on a work permit.

Furthermore, for students who are currently planning to study in Canada can also be sure that they will be able to find a full time job easily after their study as 9 lakh is not a small number at all. With the recent announcements being made by the Canadian government, one thing is definitely sure that the country will come up with new immigration programs that would benefit international students as the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had mentioned in the Mandate letter he issued last year that IRCC should focus on international students and come up with various programs that will turn out to be beneficial for international students in future.

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