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Rising wages for immigrants in Canada…

Are you thinking of immigrating to Canada but are not sure whether you are making a right decision or not. Let us tell you that you are on the right track. Canada has always accepted immigrants with open arms. Let it be international students or workers, the country gives utmost respect and dignity to each and every profession. That is why it has been a favoured destination for thousands of individuals since many years.

As an international student, the experience of studying in a Canadian institution is a matchless experience. The academic staff and mode of teaching makes learning a tremendous experience. Moreover, one learns new social skills and looses his introvert side of personality.After the completion of studies, one can apply for Post-Graduate Work Permit and then for permanent residency. And there are various benefits associated with this.

A recent study has revealed that the median income of immigrants without Canadian experience is lower than that of those who studied and worked in Canada. Having a pre- immigration experience in Canada makes an impact on immigrant’s wages. It provides the means for immigrants to improve language skills and knowledge of the Canadian Labour market.

It has turned out that immigrants who have both study and work experience in Canada have the highest median wage rate than the immigrants who just have work or study experience. For the immigrants admitted in the country in the year 2018 had a median wage of 44,600 CAD in 2019 which was even more than what the Canadian-born population was earning. This clearly tells us that studying and then working in Canada has an upper hand over any other situation.

Lately, another study has revealed that the immigrants who attained the status of permanent residents in the year 2018 had an average wage of 31,900 CAD which is the highest among all groups of immigrants who arrived in Canada since 1981. It was also about 4 percent higher than what immigrants of 2017 made in 2018.

All these studies point towards a fact that studying and then working in Canada has numerous advantages. Not only it makes achieving PR easy but also improves your lifestyle…

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