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Tips for IELTS Listening test…

The listening test of IELTS is one of those tests that can be made a very easy one if you know the right tips to work upon. We are going to discuss some tips that if known will help you achieve your desired band score in the listening test. The tips are as follows:-

1. Read all the questions carefully before the recording begins.

Before the recording begins for any section, make sure that you read each and every question carefully. This will give you an idea of what you need to search for from the recording that will be played.

2. Don’t waste time on a single question.

If, in a situation, you are unable to find an answer and feel like the part of recording related to that question has already been played then don’t waste your precious time on that question. Shift your focus to the recording and try finding answer to the following questions.

3. Look for words that give some indication.

Words such as firstly, secondly or connectors such as also, moreover give some indication. Always look for such words. Also, don’t forget to look for synonyms as they turn out to be very useful and make your task very easy.

4. Utilize your time wisely.

Utilising your time wisely in  the listening test can automatically increase your band score. Make sure that you are not looking at what others are doing. Being self-focussed is the key. Also, make sure that you are making efficient use of your time. When you are done with one section of your exam, move on to the questions of second section. Don’t          wait for the announcement to be played in your headphones.

5. Practice meditating while preparing.

One can only be fully concentrated when he has full control on his mind. In order to get good hold on your mind, practice meditation. Meditation will not only help you in controlling your thoughts but will also increase your mental ability to focus accurately.

6. Do not exceed the word limit.

In the exam, there are some questions   in   which   the word limit  is  strictly  mentioned.  Do not exceed that word limit. Exceeding that limit will make you loose your mark. Being to- the point is the key.

7. Don’t transfer your answers when the recording is being played.

When the listening test is over, attendees get 10 minutes extra to transfer their answers to the answer sheet. It is at this time that you should transfer your answers. Don’t hurry to write them when the recording is being played. This will make you loose your marks as your focus is shifted towards transferring answers rather than listening the recording.

8. Practice as much as you can.

There is no lie in saying  that practice makes a man perfect. While preparing for the listening test, practice as much as you can. If you think that you are unable to understand an accent then listen it twice but clear your doubts. Take your time and don’t  be  in  a  hurry.  Be  fully concentrated and practice with different material available online. Try listening to different audios which have different accents available. It will ensure that you are ready to face anything unexpected..

So,these were some important tips related to the IELTS Listening test. We hope you liked the information we shared with you. If you are planning to do IELTS but are unable to find personal attention anywhere then give us a try..

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