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Spouse Visa: The path to British citizenship…

One of the most common types of Visa’s to get the British citizenship is the Spouse visa. There was a time when people used to fake their relationships and get away with that. But now, the whole scenario has changed. Currently, British Spouse visa is one of the most restrictive visa’s of the UK…

To begin with, let’s suppose that you have fallen in love with the person of your dreams. You have married your person in India. You are an Indian citizen and your life partner belongs to the UK. Your new life is yet to begin in the UK but you are unable to get the Visa approved just because of some wrong documents. How would you feel?

This was just an imaginary situation but this happens to hundreds of people in real life as well. Not every relationship is fake and not every love is for money..The UK’s spouse visa allows non- British partners of British citizens the right to live and work in the UK.

The spouse visa is basically a family Visa that covers many cohabiting situations It applies to all those people who have been in a relationship for at least 2 years. It also applies to anyone engaged and also to those who plan to marry or enter into a civil partnership with a partner in the UK within 6 months of arriving there.This category of Visa is one of the most restrictive and the government officials require a high level of evidence to prove that the relationships are genuine.

But why all this strictness??

This   is   because   initially   what people from India used to do was  that   they   did   contract marriages in UK i.e. they used to pay a British citizen to be in a relationship with the until they got the Citizenship. The moment they used to get the Citizenship, the marriage was ended through a divorce. This eventually posed a significant threat to UK immigration control. All these fraudulent acts are unacceptable by the British Government. For this reason, all those applying for the UK spouse visa must be genuine because they will be asked to prove their love. In addition to the requirements that the relationships are genuine, the government also puts certain criteria including a significant minimum income threshold, which has been subject to family battles and criticism.

To apply as a partner, both parties must be 18 years or older and the British partner must be a British or an Irish citizen.
Both partners must intend to live together permanently in the UK after application and the Indian partner must also be able to demonstrate a good level of English. But do keep it in mind that true love does not always withstand the UK immigration process.

According to 2021 records, a quarter of spouse visa applications are refused with grounds of refusal ranging from not providing enough detailed evidence of a genuine relationship to not meeting the financial requirements or the English language requirement.

At last, we need to keep it in mind that the British Government is not an enemy of love but it has it’s  own immigration policies that needs to be respected and fulfilled.

So this was it regarding the British Spouse visa that is a pathway to British citizenship. All those youngsters who have fallen in love with a British need not worry as the right documents and their genuine relationship will provide them the Visa…

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