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Why are Indian students preferring Alberta over other provinces ?

Once there was a time when Indian students used to prefer provinces such as Ontario and Manitoba as there preferred destination but now, what we are witnessing is quite interesting. Lately, it is being observed that the province of Alberta has become the top most preference of Indian students from different parts of the country. Let it be students from the northern India or the students from the west or south on India, Alberta has left an impact on student’s mind.

But why is it so? Let’s find it out ..

First of all, before jumping into the topic, it is important for us to know that Alberta is a province that lies in the western region of Canada. It has more than 600 natural lakes that enhance it’s beauty. Also, it has rich mineral deposits embedded in it’s soil.. The city of Edmonton is the capital of this province. Now as we know the geographical status of the province, let’s start with the reasons that has altered students preferences…

1.Easy PR…
Now let’s be honest, the main motive of a majority of students immigrating to Canada is to become it’s permanent resident. And why should it not be? The good quality of life, the peaceful and serene atmosphere, the climate, enormous job opportunities that too in every sector are the reasons that attracts everyone towards Canada. While obtaining a PR might turn out to be a bit difficult in other provinces but in Alberta, you will get PR very easily. There are certain reasons behind this that will be discussed further..

2 Alberta  is not  a  crowded province…

Unlike Ontario or British Columbia, Alberta is not a crowded province. This is because there are ample of natural resources in this region and a lot of land is occupied by forests therefore leaving behind very less land for humans to settle on. This is why Alberta is less populated than many other provinces. Majority of Indian students prefer provinces  where the population is less so that they can grab more opportunities…

3.More opportunities…

Alberta is  a developing province. It hasn’t been able to develop at a fast pace like other provinces as it was never preferred by international students as well as the Canadian  residents themselves. Let us say it’s because of the harsh weather conditions or lack of useable land, but now as students are preferring Alberta and it’s government is also initiating certain programmes to boost it’s development, and it is being witnessed that new jobs have come up in this region. New businesses have started that have increased the number of vacancies. And job being a very basic need of
every student is what attracts students to Alberta.

4.  Low cost of houses…

After getting the permanent residency, the very first aim of every Indian is to buy their dream house. Let me tell you, the price of houses in the Alberta region are way more cheaper than any other region. This is because the government wants people to come here and develop the province which will only be possible it the government offers something that attracts more and more people. Moreover, as we all know, the price of real estate usually increase with time so when a new house is built, it’s selling price will always be very low as compared to it’s price after some years…

So these  were the most important factors that attract a majority of students to Alberta. It isn’t like no one is immigrating to Ontario or British Columbia but it is that the number of immigrants to Alberta have raised in a few years… We hope you found this information useful…

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