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What is Canada’s LMIA?

Aspirants who dream of immigrating to Canada as a worker often come across a term called LMIA. But do you know what this word refers to or what is the value of LMIA. If you didn’t then this blog is for you… LMIA refers to Labour Market Impact Assessment. Canada’s LMIA serves as a proof that no Canadian citizen or permanent resident is willing to fill a specific position in Canada and the employer is allowed to hire a foreign worker. Many skilled workers and people specialised in a particular sector from India wish to obtain a LMIA from a foreign employer to immigrate to Canada. But getting the LMIA isn’t that easy.

The Canadian employers must advertise the position for at least a month before and conduct interviews of Canadian citizens or permanent residents to obtain a LMIA. Only then, if the employer can prove that the candidates were not able to fulfil the job description and they need to hire a foreign worker, they can get the LMIA. The foreign worker that is supposed to work under the Canadian employer must apply for a Canadian work permit supported by the LMIA to start working in Canada. Moreover, LMIA application require a lot of documentation and statistical data. For example the number of offers of Moreover, LMIA application require a lot of documentation and statistical data. For example the number of offers of What we are witnessing today is that many people from India who have made a will to immigrate to Canada often make financial contracts with
Canadian employers that theywill be paying a certain sum of money in order to get the LMIA. But, these people need to keel it in mind that the government of Canada is fully aware if these tactics and the LMIA process on it’s own is a complex process as the employer can be cross questioned a number of times that why he choose a foreign worker and does that foreign worker posses those necessary

skills that are required for the

job?. So, Indians planning to move to Canada through LMIA need to make sure that they polish their skills so that they can prove that they are a better choice… So, this was all regarding the Canada’s LMIA.. We have shared all the relevant information regarding this very topic and we hope that you found it informative…

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