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Mistakes to avoid as an international student in Canada….

When it comes to immigrating to Canada as an international student, we feel very excited and enthusiastic as we are going to become a part of a new education system. The way the education is taught in Canada is way more different than India. Moreover, there are endless opportunities for you as a student to prove yourself. But there are certain mistakes that you should not make as an international student. These mistakes can actually leave you in a trouble if you don’t take them seriously. Let’s find what these mistakes are…

1. Spending   more   than   your needs ….

When it comes to being an international student in Canada, I know how you feel. You feel like you have got all the freedom of the world to do whatever you want to and spend as much as you want of any stuff you consider your need. But you need to make sure that in the beginning, it won’t be an issue for you to spend effortlessly but after some months you will realise that you made a mistake by spending on stuff you really don’t need. So you must make sure that you only spend you money on that stuff that is actually useful and necessary for you. Stuff such as electronics and clothes which might seem catchy at once should be avoided as after some time, they will loose their value for you. So spend wisely.

1.Not keeping all the necessary documents handy..

Let us assume that you got your Canada study visa approved, you got your tickets and boarded the flight and landed Canada but the immigration officer isn’t convinced with your documents and you are sent back to India. How sad it would be? Well this has happened with a plenty of students. And the reason behind this is that many students   don’t   carry all the necessary documents that are checked at the airport. You must make sure that you carry all the documents you have that too in a form of a hard copy. Don’t rely on your phone as you never know what might go wrong with electronics any time. Make sure that you are carrying your Letter of Acceptance, Tuition fee receipt, COVID negative report, COVID vaccination certificate and other important documents.

3 Plagiarism…

In the beginning, it may seem very easy to copy another person’s assignment and get it submitted. But keep it in check that if you are caught in any acts of plagiarism then you might need to pay a huge price for that. Every college awares it’s students regarding it’s policies and the consequences a student might face if caught in an act of plagiarism. In many colleges, students are even suspended and are not even entertained even once by the institution. Also, in some cases, students are even told to leave the institution. So as an international student, stay as away as you can from plagiarism if you don’t want to be in trouble.

4 Traveling when study permit is going to expire..

Travelling back to your home country itself is a feeling that is beyond words but one must make sure that doing international travel that too when your study permit is going to expire should be avoided. It should be kept in mind that you might get stuck in that particular country for months as the process of renewal of permit takes time. Moreover, your study plans will be disturbed which will eventually cause unnecessary trouble for you. So make sure that when you are planning to travel, you have at least 6 months of visa left with you…

5.Not renewing  your documents on time..

It is very mandatory for an international students to get their documents renewed on time as it might cause issues later. What many students do is that they don’t pay attention to their study permit getting expired or they don’t take the expiry date of their documents seriously and then they face the consequences. It is very mandatory for every international  student  to get their documents renewed within the specific span of time in order to stay away from hassles…
So these were the basic mistakes that are made by a majority of international students in Canada. If you avoid these mistakes then you can live as well enjoy your student life in Canada..

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