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How much expenditure is incurred to study in Canada

Studying in Canada is a dream come true for many students. From the various courses that are offered in the top institutions of Canada to the work experience that a student will gain, there is a lot for an individual to learn and
adapt. But studying in Canada is not free. There are some heavy costs that are incurred before landing in Canada. In this blog, we will be discussing such costs in detail…

So let’s find out what those costs are…

1. IELTS Training and Exam…

When     a     student     completes     his graduation or his +2, the very first expense he has to face to immigrate to Canada is IELTS. Now it is an individual’s own choice if he wants to take training for the IELTS exam or not. The training costs around 800p-10000 depending upon the institution you are considering for your training.
. Just incase you didn’t knew, we here at DAVESAR offer IELTS as well as PTE training. We have highly qualified staff that is fully dedicated towards the students.. The IELTS exam itself costs around 14,000-15,000 INR.

2.Application Fees…

There are many colleges and universities in Canada that demand application fees to process an application. The application fees ranges from 50 CAD to 200 CAD. This fees is directly paid in the college’s bank account and the evaluation of your documents is started by the college.

3. Tuition Fees…

Now when you have cleared the IELTSexam, paid the Application fees and have received your Letter of Acceptance by the college, the next step is to pay the fees of that specific course that you are going to study. The tuition fees needs to be paid within a specific period of time so that you can be enrolled in the course and get the confirmation. The tuition fees ranges from 10,000 CAD(Canadian Dollars) to 20,000 CAD for a year. This amount varies from college to college depending upon the region in which the college is located and the status of the college.

4. GIC…

After you have paid your tuition fees,

now you are supposed to pay the GIC. To pay the GIC, you will be creating a bank account from India in either Scotia or ICICI bank in Canada. Then you will transfer the money into that account. The main purpose of GIC is to act as an income for you for 1 year. It is recognised as a security for you incase you don’t find a job or you loose your job. You will need to activate your GIC account once you reach Canada to receive GIC.

5 Medical fees…

Now that you have paid some huge amounts of money, there are still some small expenses that you need to pay. The medical fees that you need to pay ranges from Rs 4000 to Rs 6500 depending upon the Hospital you choose for your medical. This process is very important and mandatory for all the students immigrating to any foreign country. In medical, you will need to give your blood and urine sample. Your chest will be x- rayed and you will also be physically examined by a specialised doctor.

6. Embassy fees…

After paying the medical fees, one is supposed to pay the embassy fees that is 235 CAD. This fees includes the fees for
Biometric as well. So you won’t be paying any extra charges for Biometrics. After paying your embassy fees, all you need to do is wait for your VISA.

7. Ticket and Clothing

Now that you have received your Canadian VISA, you will be booking your ticket. The ticket price as such is not a fixed one and depends on many factors. Moreover after booking your ticket, you will be buying clothes and other essential items for yourself will cost you at least Rs 30,000. But it’s all upon personal preference what an individual’s budget is.
Also, you will be taking some cash in hand with yourself to Canada. So these were the expenses that every student incurs who is planning to go to Canada. The total of all these expenses ranges from 18 lakh rupees to 22 lakh rupees depending upon the money you spend on clothing and the cash you will be taking with yourself.

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