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Updated tips to achieve band score in Writing module of IELTS…

When we talk about the Writing module of IELTS exam, many attendees find it as a complex task. Many quote it as the most difficult amongst all the modules which is not true. Every module in the IELTS exam is of equal level and as it’s equal importance amongst the other modules. But, every person has his or her own preference and taste depending upon which they categorise something as difficult and easy. If you find the writing module the most difficult one then this blog is surely for you.

We will be discussing some updated tips and tricks that should be kept in mind while attempting the writing exam in order to fetch high band score. So let’s jump straight into today’s topic.
1. The very first tip that students must keep in mind is that they should not waste time on deciding that which task should they attempt first. Now as you must be aware that the writing exam exists of 2 tasks that need to be completed within an hour. Sometimes, some students are unable to decide that which task should they attempt first and they waste around 5 to 10 minutes in this process. So, you should never waste your precious time o such things. Just start with the task regarding which an idea strikes your mind and you will see new ideas coming your way.

2. The   second   tip   is   usingconnectors and that too wisely. Using connectors in the writing exam automatically places you ahead of other. It displays that you are well aware with the language and can use it very easily. But it is also important that the connectors should be used wisely. It should be kept in mind that the appropriate connector should be used at the right spot. Like connectors such as Moreover and Also can be used when we are writing regarding the same topic. Meanwhile, However is used when we are comparing some data or information. So, using the connectors that too wisely is very important.

3. The third tip is that don’t spend more time on a single task. Utilising your time in the right manner is the key to achieve high band score. You must make sure that you are not spending a lot of time on a single task as it will decrease your time to attempt the second task. Also, this will create a hurry in your mind. Moreover, you will not get innovative ideas and you will mess up.

4.The last but not the least tip is that always cover the word limit. What happens many times is that attendees are unable to cover the word limit. They write under limit and this immediately fails them as they are unable to fulfil the requirement. Now we know that sometimes you don’t get many innovative ideas but what you can do is write whatever idea you get that relates to the question to some extent. It isn’t necessary that your answer should be extraordinary but your answer should at least cover the asked word limit. So, these were the latest and updated tips that if you keep in mind while attempting the Writing exam will surely make you achieve your desired band score.

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