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Synonyms that should be used in the IELTS examination…

What is the first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about synonyms??

We often come across many words which have the same meaning or indicate the same thing. Such words or phrases that mean exactly or nearly the same as another word in a given language are called synonyms. For example shut is a synonym of close.

Now jumping back to our topic, given below is a list of synonyms that should definitely be used in order to achieve high band score…

1 Amazing, Fabulous, Fantastic…

All of the three words given above can be used in place of each other. These words can be used in a situation when one has to express astonishment or a surprise.. They clearly depict a person’s happy state of mind.

2 Answer, Respond

We often use the word ‘Answer’ but while attempting the IELTS exam, it is important to use some refined words, words
which we don’t hear so common. ‘Respond’ is one such word, this word should be used in place of ‘Answer’ to let the
evaluator know that you have a good hand over the language.

3 Bad, Evil, Infamous

Bad, Evil and Infamous all mean the same but when you know that you are dealing with a question in which you have to use words to describe something imperfect then using the words given above will be a great choice. You can use all the three words in different paragraphs. This will avoid repetition and your work will also be done.

4 Begin, Initiate, Commence

Words such as begin, initiate and commence are often used in the very first line of the writing task. Making a choice in
between these words depending upon the question is the best viable option.

5 Break, Rupture, Shatter..

While depicting a scene of an accident or an injury, words such as rupture and shatter can be used instead of break.

6 Calm, Serene, Peace,

The words given above can be used to describe a place that itself is an epitome of peace.

7 Have, Possess, Own, Acquire.

A thing that belongs to you can be said in different ways, For example, you own that thing or you possess that thing.
The above words come in handy while making such statements.

8 Idea, Thought, Concept, Notion.

Idea, Thought, Concept and Notion all mean the same. They can be used as per your own wish.

9 Use, Exhaust, Spend.

Although the above words mean the same but using them wisely is the key. You need to know that the usage of these
words depend upon the type of question you are answering. For example, we can use the word exhaust while talking
about burning of coal but cannot use it while spending the money.

10 Show, Display, Exhibit, Indicate.

The above words mean the same and using them in place of each other won’t be termed as wrong. So you can go ahead without thinking twice while using these words. We hope you liked this piece of information..

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