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Germany facing worker shortage:-

Germany is facing a huge shortage of skilled workers from abroad, a top government official has warned. Before moving on the topic let’s first find out that who are skilled workers??

When we talk about skilled workers, what is the first thing that comes to our mind?

Obviously that skilled workers is a worker that is specialised in a particular sector and has the necessary skill, knowledge and training that they can apply to work in that very sector. Skilled workers are not confined to any one area or sector, they can be categorised into hundreds of sectors based upon the type of skill they have and the work they do.. Electricians, carpenters, law enforcement officers, financial technicians and administrative assistants and many more are the examples of skilled workers. You can clearly see that the type and
destination at any of the above posts is not same at all so that means that almost every sector
has a skilled worker involved in it.

Talking about the shortage of skilled workers in Germany, The Head of Federal Employment Agency , Detlef
Scheele said that Germany needs 400,000 new workers every year to fill in the labour market which can only be made
possible by admitting more immigrants to the country. But why is Germany facing a worker shortage??

The answer of this question is very simple, Due to the COVID pandemic.. Yes, that’s the main reason behind the worker shortage in Germany…There are lakhs of vacant jobs available in Germany as the economy was hit hard by the COVID pandemic and now to rise the economy again, every sector is expected to give more output than ever before to help
the country stand on it’s own feet..

Each and every sector is demanding more and more workers, let it be engineering or any medical field related job…

let it be practical work or academics, all sectors have
been affected very badly. Germany currently is also urging female workers to work, and by work they means that female workers are expected to work for as many hours they can in order to full fill the gap

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