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United States Visa interview questions:-

Visitors who want to enter the United States for studies, tourism, business, medical treatment or any other purpose are required to apply for the United States Visa. The application
process usually involves completion of the application form, submission of documents, payment of the visa fee and then appearing for the visa interview.

The United Embassy requires the applicants to appear for the visa interview in order to assess
the applicant’s eligibilty for the particular type of visa he/she is applying for. During the Visa interview, the visa officer will ask certain questions that are meant to be answered.
Following is the list of questions that have high chances to be asked during
the interview:-

1 What is your purpose for travelling to the United States?

When the interviewer puts up this question, so simply are supported to tell him your purpose of travel. You must have a plan to support your answer. The officer may ask you questions
related to the arrangement of funds that you may have shown depending upon the
visa type you have applied for.

2 What will be the duration of your stay in the United States?

As a part of the application process, the applicants need to indicate their accurate date of travel to the United States. Based upon the applicants purpose of travel, visa type
and duration of stay, applicant will need to provide the date of travel. Details such as the
addresses where the applicant will be staying can also be asked.
3 Where are you planning to stay?

As mentioned earlier on the application form, the applicant is expected to mention the address of his stay. If one is planning to stay at multiple locations then one should mention all
those places and the number of days to be spent at each location.

4 Who is going to cover your expenses during the travel?

Depending upon the visa type one is applying for, one is supposed to submit sufficient documentation showing the funds to support the travel plans.

5 Have you visited the United States before?

When this answer is asked, you should briefly answer yes or no depending upon your travel history in the US. If you have travelled before then use it as an advantage to convince the
visa officer that you are willing to return to your home country as you did
6 What is your occupation in India?

One must be visiting US for a certain purpose either for study or for tourism. When
this question is asked, one should simply give a glimpse of what he has been doing in India and what his future plans are in the United States.

7 Have you booked your tickets yet?

Mostly, applicants are advised to not book any ticket before their visa gets approved but if anyone has booked the ticket in advance because he/she had surety of his visa getting approved can tell the accurate dates for which the tickets have been booked.

8 What are you planning to do after your visa gets expired?

The visa officer usually asks this tricky question in hope that you will just quickly answer him back but you have to watch your words while you speak and convince him that you will definitely come back to India when your visa gets expired. You need to make him sure that you have clear intentions of coming back to your home country… So, these were the basic as
well as important questions that are mostly asked during the United States

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