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Top 6 tips for International Students…

1 . Set aside time to get settled in….

New students need time to adjust to new environment and settle in. Don’t get stressed if you are unable to manage your time and tasks perfectly in the beginning. You will be juggling a number of other things and stuff other than just starting classes. So you need ample amount of time to get settled and feel comfortable.

2 . Ask for help…

Many students are shy and don’t feel comfortable while asking for help. Don’t let this thing happen to you. It can be very intimidating in the beginning to find your way around the city
so it is always suggested that you should ask for help. If you are stuck in a situation where you don’t have an internet access then there is no other way than asking for guidance
from a person.
3 . Don’t skip classes… At university or college, no one is going to follow you around and make sure that you are attending the classes. However, you can easily be left behind the
rest of the class if you don’t attend the classes on regular basis and this may ultimately affect your grades. There are courses with mandatory attendance and they composite a large
component of your final grade. Therefore it is a good idea to attend lecture even if you don’t feel like doing so..

4 . Don’t get behind… There is a lot of information that can be put into a semester long course and it is easy to fall behind very fast. Staying on the top of your weekly assigned readings, homework, or lab work will affect your study habits. However, prefer attending lectures even if
you have not finished all your reading because you will definitely pick up more information while attending rather than not attending at all..

5 . Have a positive attitude… As an international student, there is no need to be anxious or shy about being in a new country. You may feel out of place but you need to keep up a positive
attitude and be confident in your abilities. Keep in mind that you have achieved a
lot up to now and you will become more successful over time.

6 . Have fun and reward yourself… Life is not a race, it’s a journey. A journey that witnesses various high’s and low’s. So it is very important for a student to reward himself for every
achievement he makes whether in career or in work. Take some time off and have some fun after completing ba certain task and try to maintain a balance in your life. So, these were the 6 most essential tips for international students that if kept in mind will surely
give fruitful results..

Source- australia.edu

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