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Career opportunities for nurses in Australia:-

Australia is known for it’s healthcare sector and the facilities it offers to it’s residents. Good healthcare means good staff that is fully devoted to it’s work and make sure that
everyone feels at his/her best. With the development in Healthcare sector in Australia, numerous job opportunities have been created for nurses to work in. The diversity of career
and lifestyle opportunities available range from large tertiary hospitals in major capital and regional cities to smaller hospitals in more remote locations as well as private hospitals that
provide exposure to a wide spectrum of clinical and social experiences. The Australian health
system js world-class in both it’s effectiveness and efficiency, with it’s greatest challenge being the distances involved in managing and providing cohesive health services for a very decentralised population over it’s large surface area. Health professionals have always
been regarded as heroes and during the last 2 years that witnessed the outbreak of COVID pandemic, t respect for them in everyone’s eye has increased… Given below are the 6
categories that are great nursing careers to look
1 . Theatre Nurse Theatre nurses provide care for patients before,, during and after surgical and non-surgical procedures. These registered nurses work as part of a surgical team usually with a specific area of responsibility such as supporting the anaesthetist. They play a crucial role in
assessing patients and ensuring their critical medical history is communicated to the
surgical team.

2 . Clinical Nurse Clinical nurses are senior Registered Nurses who have usually completed
postgraduate study and then specialised in an area. Their work usually involves observation, identification and investigation of complex critical health problems to provide medical support to patients in a variety of settings.
3 . Enrolled Nurse These nurses usually work under direct or indirect supervision of a Registered Nurse to observe, measure and record patient’s vital statistics and reporting
changes in patient’s conditions. It’s a complex role as they have to provide physical and
emotional support to patients and their families.

  1. Registered Nurse These nurses are often regarded to as RNs. Registered nurses deliver
    primary healthcare in hospitals, schools and old age homes. The role of a RN can vary depending upon the patients they see and the way in which they work. They usually tend to work collaboratively with doctors, surgeons, physiotherapists and other skilled healthcare
    professionals to provide patient care. They play an important role in health
    promotion and chronic disease management.
  2. Mental Health Nurse Mental health nurses usually provide specialised care and support focussing on patient’s mental and emotional health. They play a crucial role in helping patients to manage their mental illness as well as providing information to their families. To work as a mental health nurse, one will need postgraduate qualifications in mental health in addition to an undergraduate degree in Health care.
  3. Aged Care Registered nurse Aged care registered nurses are qualified nurses who deliver primary health care to elderly patients. Despite of where they work, aged care registered
    nurses play a pivotal role in administering medications, observing patients and managing their health and diet. This includes safe behavioural management of dementia care and emergency responses, including care of patients related to falls and infections…. So these were the 6 posts at which a person can work as a nurse and make a living… We hope that you liked this
    piece of information…

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