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Why is Canada preferred by a majority of Indian students…

Canada is often regarded as the most preferred nation for Indian students. Canada has slowly but consistently grown in stature as a preferred
destination for higher education in the last 8-9years. High quality education topped withinternship opportunities, in addition to liberal

government policies related to post-study work and immigration creates a perfect combination for Indian students. We are going to discuss every
single point in detail. The points are as follows:-

1 . Academic
Excellence :-Since providing good education is a provincial responsibility, every state government in Canada ensures that the quality of
education of education is very high throughout Canada irrespective of the type of institution. Almost every institution in
Canada has hundreds of programs in which Indian students can enrol themselves. As far as education streams are concerned, all sorts of
programs from various streams are available in Canadian college and universities. One can be
very certain to find a program of his/her choice.

2 .Focus on skill
Development :- In India, it is often seen that theory work is given more importance than practical work. Well, we all would agree to one thing that education is not about what
we learn in classrooms but also about how prepared we are for the real work
Canada has a fantastic system know as the cooperative work system. Coop basically provides work opportunities to students in their relevant sectors of education while they are
studying. This prepares the students for the real world by introducing them early
to the work environment and also inculcates a sense of discipline in them. A
typical co-op is for about 4 months in a year. Mostly, co-op is offered during the
last semester of the students study. This prepares him to face the challenges that he will
encounter when he gets a job after the completion of his education.
3 .Affordability of Canadian
Institutions :- If we compare tution fee of Canada institutions with tution fee of institutions in various popular study destinations, we will find out that the tution fee in Canada is cheaper. Moreover when a student gets admission in a college or a university in Canada, he can apply for a scholarship after the completion of his first semester based upon the conditions of the
scholarship. Also, there are various work opportunities in each and every sector which also adds on to the popularity of Canada. Also as far as return on investment is concerned,
more jobs mean more employment opportunities which in turn means that every student can manage to make a living.

4 . Earning as a Student :- Many students in India don’t do any sort of work or a job to pay their college fees, rather they are dependent on their parents money for even paying their daily expenses. Well this isn’t the case in Canada. Even the Canadian teenagers who study in colleges and universities do part time work to meet daily expenses as well as their tution fee.
When Indian students immigrate to Canada, they earn for themselves. This makes them responsible and make them know the value of money. It makes them mature enough to
figure out the difference between their needs and wants.

5. Cultural Diversity :- Canada as a society is very warm and welcoming. People from different countries have been migrating to Canada for a long time. This gives Canada an edge in terms of cultural diversity. Canada and Canadians embrace that diversity and recognize that as their
strength. Students can witness celebration of various festivals of different ethnic groups
throughout the year and the wonderful part is that the celebrations are not limited to that ethnic group but the entire country celebrates all festivals.

6. Quality of life :-Canada has been consistently ranked as one the safest nations in the
world. In 2018, the Global Peace Index listed Canada as the sixth peaceful country across the globe. As international student, one will be enjoying the same rights as any other Canadian. Quality of life also descends to basic necessities of life like clean air, clean water, and lower
competition. Also, the crime rate in Canada is also very low so one may not usually
witness occuring of crimes and riots.

7 .Immigration Opportunities :- As international students spend a long time in Canada, they are the perfect fit to become the future Canadians. They get ample amount of time to
understand and embrace the Canadian culture while they study and also get upto 3 years to understand the work culture in Canada and what it takes to be successful after the
completion of their studies. So, these were the most
basic reasons that attract Indian students to Canada. We hope that you liked this piece of information.

Source:- idp.com

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