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High demand for Truckers in Canada….

Canada has often been regarded as the best destination for Truckers due to the wages it provides to them. Many immigrants from India have moved to Canada in search of job opportunities in this very sector. But the main reason why Long Haul truckers are paid such good amount of money is because of the risk involved . Long haul drivers have to drive through hilly areas such as steel mountains, These areas become very risky to drive in the Winter season.

Many drivers have even lost their lives while traveling through these regions. That is why the craze for heavy driving has decreased in the recent years.

Canada’s trucking industry was already facing a labour shortage of about 20,000 truck drivers before
the COVID- 19 hit and sent online shopping through the roof, fuelling demand.

In the aftermath of COVID, demand for truckers has skyrocketed for those companies that transport essential goods. While the demand has dropped for those moving non-essential products in Canada, the long term prognosis for the
trucking industry is still is a very good condition.

BDO Canada, a leading accounting and advisory service firm is projecting there to be a shortage of up to 50,000 truckers in Canada within three years. Ottawa is somewhat more conservative in its estimate projecting a shortage of
23,300 truckers to fill the available jobs over the decade ending in 2028.

Fortunately, the government is doing its part to support the industry through wage increase incentives, safety training requirements and immigration initiatives to attract foreign workers into the profession.

Trucking companies are looking to hire workers from overseas usually do so through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). Applicants are then supposed to transit into Provincial Nominee Programs( PNPs) to become
Canadian permanent residents.

Trucking in Canada is a good paying job that are in high demand. They usually
pay between 15.25 and 33.65 dollars per hour or between 29,737 and 65,617 Canadian dollars based on a 37.5 hour week The exact salary depends on both the trucker’s experience and where he or she is located.

Over the next few years, job prospects for truckers in Canada are expected to be good in the provinces of British Columbia, Nova
Scotia, Ontario, Quebec and Prince Edward Island. There are more job opportunities in the Atlantic provinces of Canada as compared to other territories.

There is no doubt in saying that Trucking in Canada is a risky job but the wages it
pays are more than that of a white collar employee working for a company. Canada is a country where
you get paid the highest for the more riskier the work you do.. We hope that you liked this information regarding the
demand for Truckers in Canada…

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