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How to achieve 7 plus bands in Reading Module.

Worried about the Reading Exam? We here at Davesar are there to help you!!!

Whenever we talk about reading module, many aspirants consider it as a complex task. We, here at Davesar try to fulfil the aspirations of students who are interested in studying abroad by teaching them the right methods to achieve good scores. There are certain things that a student should keep in mind while preparing for reading module. The tips are as follows:-

1) Start Skimming

Skimming generally refers to the process of of reading something quickly so as to note the important information only.
In the reading module, students should focus on skimming rather then reading the whole passage as they have limited time available.

2) Remember to look for synonyms

While preparing or attempting the reading module, students should look for synonyms as sometimes, it may be possible that the word they may be looking for may not be present but it’s synonym would be present.

3) Don’t waste time on a single question

What many students do is that when they are unable to find an answer to a question, they stick to that very question and waste a lot on time on that particular question. The outcome of this is that they are left with very few minutes to attempt the remaining questions.

4) Use your time wisely

Using your time wisely while preparing as well as attempting the reading paper is the key to great band score. While preparing, try to attempt one passage in 20 minutes as there are three of them and you only get 1 hour to attempt all of them. Try creating an environment for yourself in which you have full concentration on your task and have no one around you to disturb you. This will result in effective time utilisation.

5) Don’t leave any question unanswered

One thing to keep in mind is that there is no negative marking in IELTS exam. So whenever you feel that you don’t know an answer to a question, don’t leave it. Even if you don’t know what the actual answer is, try guessing it as you never know that it may turn out to be right.

6) Develop your vocabulary

Let it be any module, the more developed your vocabulary is, the more benefit you will gain from it. Try to improve your vocabulary by leaning new words and using them often. Start finding out new phrases and idioms .

7) Attempting mock tests

Attempting mock tests is an effective way of increasing your score. We here at Davesar offer weekly mock tests of each module. We have a specialised team of teachers associated to this task which make sure that the mock tests are conducted in such a manner that the students feel as if there are giving their final IELTS exam. Moreover, the very
next day, discussion of mock test is done and doubts of each and every student are cleared.
Any student interested in taking online mock test of IDP can click the link given below:-


So, these were the basic tips that every student needs to keep in mind who is aiming to achieve a 7 plus band score in Reading exam.

We wholeheartedly welcome students to become a part of our institution and achieve great heights.

Given below is a band score chart that depicts the bands obtained reference to the questions answered correctly.

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