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Tips for IELTS Speaking test…

The speaking test of IELTS is one of the most easy and less laborious of all the modules. Yet, some attendees find it as one of the most difficult of all. The reason behind that being lack of knowledge and self- confidence. If you too find the speaking test difficult then this is for you. We will be discussing certain tips that if kept in mind while preparing and attending the speaking exam will fetch you your desired band score.

The very first tip is that practice in front of a mirror. While preparing for the speaking test, make sure that you do practice in front of a mirror. This will not only boost your confidence level but will also let you know whether your facial expressions are interactive enough to catch the examiner’s interest into your speech.

The second tip is that Don’t memorise answers. While preparing, make sure that you are not memorising the answers especially in the introduction part. The examiner can easily tell whether what you are speaking comes from your heart or you have memorized that. This can have a negative impact on your band score so avoid memorising answers and be natural.

Moving on, the next tip to be noticed is that Don’t use complex and unfamiliar words. We know that many aspirants want to create an impact that they have a good hold on the language. That is why, while attending their exam, they start using some words that they are fully unaware of. These words instead of improving their band score tend to decrease their band score as they don’t fit in the content. So avoid using very complex and unfamiliar words.

The next tip is that pause to think. Taking a bit of pause to think will not affect your band score until it’s a very long one. It’s always better to think a while to give the accurate answer instead of giving a quick answer that does not fit in your content. The fifth tip is that use grammatical structures. Try to use a range of grammatical structures using a mixture of complex and simple sentences to express what you want to say. Start knowing your own errors and practice

speaking with family and friends. You can also start recording yourself to spot your own grammatical errors and can improve yourself. The sixth tip is don’t worry about your accent.

Every person has a different accent of speaking. During your test, don’t try adjusting your accent based upon the accent of your examiner. Just be natural and speak clearly so that the examiner can understand what you want to convey through your speech.

Last but not the least, practice as much as you can. We know that practice makes a man perfect. As far as the speaking test is concerned, the more you practice, the more will be your confidence and the more will be your knowledge. Start practicing with your friends and family and if unable to do so, then join a coaching institute that has certified trainers which will help you out to know where you are lagging behind and will make you achieve your desired band score. Talking about such an institute, DAVESAR has been one such institute that has helped thousands of individuals to achieve their desired score in IELTS and PTE. We have certified trainers that are excellent in their profession. They give individual attention to each and every student. Moreover, our compact class size ensures that there is a healthy conversation between the attendees and the trainer and no student feels left out.

If you too want to achieve your desired band score then don’t hesitate to contact the best IELTS Institute in the city. Achieving 7 + plus bands is easy with DAVESAR.

You can contact us at +91 9814315346 or can visit our branches in Amritsar, Ludhiana and Chandigarh.

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